How to choose the best 3-star hotels in Coimbatore?

It isn’t every day that you plan a trip and stay at the top 3-star hotels in Coimbatore. So, when you do plan your stay, it makes sense to pick a good place. With so many options in Kovai at different price ranges and with a host of new services, how do you pick the right place for your needs? Keep reading to find out more!

Where is it located and how pocket-friendly is it?

Two of the most important factors for all travelers are budget and location. Both these aspects go hand in hand, as the place you choose can help save you a lot of expenses. If the place is located close to the airport or railway station, you can save travel time and cost. If it is at the heart of the city, you can effectively plan tours to experience Kovai’s tourism. If the place is near a shopping street or mall, you can drop by for quick purchases and things you forgot to pack.

Do the amenities available match your preferences?

Different people have different preferences – some might expect luxury services to pamper themselves while others will want to enhance their comfort. Ensure that the hotel has the services you require – be it a swimming pool, spa, pet-friendly services, laundry and ironing, weekend buffets, and so on. Be sure that the hotel has all the services you require within the budget of your preference.

What do other people have to say about it?

It is always a good idea to check testimonials and reviews about the hotel before booking your stay. Comments and reviews are first-hand feedback about what people think about a hotel. Check out the hotel’s social media pages as well, if there are any available. This will help you get a clearer idea about the services and packages offered.

Why choose Hotel Kiscol Grands for your next stay?

Hotel Kiscol Grands offers the best combination of affordability and cost-effectiveness. No matter what facilities you require, we ensure that you are provided a fine blend of luxury and comfort services without compromising on your budget. Our exquisite hospitality makes us one of the best 3-star hotels in Coimbatore. Head over to our website to browse through our packages and know more about our services. Or contact our reception staff at any time to book your stay with us.


Benefits of choosing budget hotels in Coimbatore near Gandhipuram

If you are planning a trip to Coimbatore but are on a tight budget, it makes sense to choose hotels that suit your preferences. There are several budget hotels in Coimbatore near Gandhipuram, but not all of them cater to their guests’ needs well. With so many options to choose from with varied services, budgets, and standards of service, how do you choose the best one for your requirements? Read on to know more!

Prime location

One of the best places to choose hotels is at Gandhipuram. This is owing to its prime location at the heart of the city which will benefit you in many ways. It is close to shopping streets and malls, which will enable you to drop by for last-minute purchases and to buy things you forgot to pack or ran out of.

Owing to how close it is to the airport and railway station, you can easily commute to and from the hotel. This will help you save both travel time and expenses. Plus, who wants to spend an additional hour in a stuffy cab after two hours on a plane? Finding hotels in Coimbatore, Gandhipuram will also benefit your guests if you plan to host a banquet or any other gathering.

Pocket-friendly services

Another benefit when it comes to Gandhipuram hotels, Coimbatore is its wide array of budget services. Different people have different priorities and preferences – be it luxury services or amenities that enhance comfort. A good hotel can cater to a majority of these specifications with exquisite standards of service.

You might be someone who wants to pamper themselves during your holiday – be it a swimming pool, spa, hot tub, an all-inclusive bar, or pet-friendly services. Or you might be looking to enhance your comfort while enjoying a quiet stay with your family. This could be through services like buffets, laundry, and ironing, a multi-cuisine restaurant, or a valet to park your car when you arrive. The best hotels in Coimbatore near Gandhipuram cater to all these needs without compromising on your budget requirements.

Why choose Hotel Kiscol Grands?

As we said earlier, almost all hotels provide these services. What sets Hotel Kiscol Grands apart is our ability to serve all these amenities and more without compromising on your preferred budget. Our hospitality and exquisite ambiance are what make us stand out from the crowd. We have staff who genuinely care about your needs and go the extra mile to keep you comfortable without expecting a tip.

Be it a luxurious weekend with your friends or a comfortable family pilgrimage – we ensure that no matter what your needs are, you leave feeling satisfied. Our multi-cuisine restaurant is the ideal spot for foodies, our travel desk and remarkable knowledge of Kovai tourism is ideal for your solo trip, our pet-friendly services are sure to take some pressure off your hands, and our banquet halls/board rooms are sure to make your meetings and parties a blast!

How to reach out?

Head over to our website to browse through our budget-friendly services and know more about our amenities. We offer customizable packages and exclusive offers which you can curate as per your specific needs. Furthermore, you can contact our reception at any time to book your next stay!


Tips to choose a family-friendly star hotel in Coimbatore

There’s nothing more enjoyable than going on a trip with your family. Plans and preparations for a vacation sure take much time and effort but one of the essential things is finding a hotel in Coimbatore that your family would be comfortable in staying in. Make sure to make a list of well-appointed, fair-priced star hotels that everyone is comfortable and happy to stay in. 

Here we are going to list some tips for choosing a star hotel in Coimbatore that is an all-inclusive multi-generational, family-friendly place to stay. 

Appropriate for everyone in the family

While choosing a hotel make sure it is appropriate and has activities or events for everyone in the family so that everyone can enjoy their time rather than be bored or have activities only for a certain age. If you have kids tagging along, see to it that the hotel is kids-friendly and has planned activities for kids such as fun games or a child program. If teens are tagging along, be sure to check with the hotel about activities teens can enjoy such as musical night, an evening disco or dance. If it’s all adults booking a hotel that has a bar and has musical shows or events will be a treat. The key here is for everyone to enjoy their stay and the trip.

Booking rooms together

Depending on the size of family you are bringing, make sure to book it at a prior time, so that it will be easier for the hotel staff to give you rooms on the same floor, at the same time they will know what to prepare for. Also be sure to give any special requests you have at the time of booking the hotel, for the hotel to take care of. Some hotels provide small complimentary gifts depending on the guest list you provide, like macaroons, flowers etc.

Location of the hotel

Where your hotel is located in one of the important factors to consider, plan around the places you want to visit in your stay and book your hotel. Make sure the hotel is a hotspot to all the destinations in your trip. This way you will save money spent on cabs and you won’t have to travel long distances and feel exhausted. This is also a reason why most of the hotels are located near airports. Before booking a hotel, look for places and tourist spots that you or your family would want to visit, and plan accordingly because some of these would require a reservation to book a spot. And because of the ongoing pandemic most tourist places follow strict rules and restrictions to keep everyone safe, ask them beforehand so you can enjoy your time there. 

Dining options

Look for a hotel that has dining options with multiple cuisines while has 24*7 dine-in options. See to it that there are some good restaurants nearby the hotel you are staying in that everyone in your family enjoys. This way no one would feel missed out or each one can eat whatever they like. And most of the restaurants would be open late at night so you wouldn’t have to worry about finding a restaurant when you check-in at midnight and need to eat dinner, or if you are a person who has late-night cravings. 

These are the things to keep in mind while looking for a hotel as a family, that your whole family can enjoy. In today’s life, most of us are leading a busy life, and chances of having a family get together are very limited. So, make the most out of your vacation, go above and beyond for everyone to enjoy the trip and have a good time. We hope this was helpful for you when you’re looking for one of the best family-friendly  hotels in Coimbatore.


Booking your stay at hotels near Coimbatore Airport

Planning a trip on a tight budget? Then, saving money at every source of expense would be your utmost priority! It isn’t often that you plan a pilgrimage with your family. Or go on that long-overdue trip with your friends. So, it makes sense that when you finally go on the trip, you will expect it to be perfect and avail as many services as you can within your budget. How do you book hotels near Coimbatore Airport that have the amenities you require? Read on to know everything you need to know before planning your trip.

Pocket-friendly rates :

One of the key factors that define good hotels in Coimbatore near the airport is their value for money. It is not mandatory for quality services to be exorbitantly charged and several hotels in Coimbatore prove this with their budget services. Be sure that the hotel provides all the services you require within the budget of your preference.

Variety of services:

As mentioned, each person has their preference and priorities. You might be someone who wants to be pampered with luxury services like spas, swimming pools, and an all-inclusive bar. Or you might choose comfort and expect in-room dining, a television in your room, and prompt laundry and ironing services. Whatever may be your priority, it is important to pick a hotel with customizable packages and amenities within your budget.

Good hospitality and prime location

The above aspects will come into play during your stay at the hotel. But long after your stay is complete, the ambiance and hospitality you received will be the things you remember about the hotel. Ensure that the staff at the hotel are eager to help you and are dedicated to their work. It is rare for hotel staff to go out of their way and help you without expecting a generous tip. These are the aspects that make a hotel stand out from the crowd.

Another aspect to be kept in mind is the location of the hotel. If the hotel is located close to a railway station, airport, or any other means of transport, it will be convenient for you to commute. Finding Coimbatore hotels near the airport will help you cut down on travel time and expenses. Furthermore, choosing hotels near a shopping street or mall will help you quickly drop by for any last-minute purchases or purchase things you forgot to pack.

Why Hotel Kiscol Grands?

Hotel Kiscol Grands is one of the ideal luxury hotels near Coimbatore Airport that you can choose for your desired budget requirements. We offer a variety of customizable packages and amenities to suit your preferences and unique requirements. With an array of services, good hospitality, eager and experienced staff, good food, excellent ambiance, and exquisite services, we ensure that your stay is a fine blend of comfort and luxury.

We never compromise on the budget of your preference no matter which services you avail. Head over to our website to know more about our services or contact our reception to book your stay with us.



Stay at the best hotels in Coimbatore

With its lush greenery, beautiful tourist spots, sociable people, and delicious food, Kovai is one of the best places to plan your next trip. Be it a quick weekend getaway by yourself, pilgrimage with family or a long-overdue trip with friends – hotels in Coimbatore have the best facilities to make your trip memorable!

With so many options available, how do you choose the best hotel for your stay within your preferred budget? Read on to find out and keep these pointers in mind while booking your next reservation.

Budget-friendly facilities

Just because a hotel offers good facilities and top-class hospitality, does not mean its services need to be priced exorbitantly. Some luxury star hotels even offer more than your money’s worth – be it a swimming pool, a television in the hotel room, spa, pet services, or a 24-hour cafe. Plan your budget – do you want to prioritize good food, travel, and visiting tourist attractions, or just stay indoors and have some ‘you time’? Based on this, you can pick hotels in Coimbatore that offer the facilities you are looking for within the price range you prefer.

Prime location

One of the most important aspects of booking a hotel is its location. It would be better for you if the hotel is near the airport, a railway station, or any other means of transport you can use to commute. This way, you reduce transport costs and travel time. Would you rather get off from a flight and head straight to your room, or spend an extra hour in a stuffy cab after two hours on a flight? We are sure the last thing you would want is more travel and a hasty check-in. Pick a hotel situated in the heart of the city close to the coimbatore airport and near a mall or shopping street. This will help you drop by for last-minute purchases and quick shopping if the need arises.

Remarkable hospitality and good ambiance

Another important aspect of choosing a good hotel is paying attention to its ambiance and hospitality. It isn’t always that a hotel has good staff who are eager to cater to all your needs without expecting a generous tip. Long after your trip is over, you might not remember much about your stay. But without a doubt, you will remember how well you were treated by the staff and how well your needs were taken care of. Did the concierge properly deliver your luggage to your room? Did the valet park your vehicle properly and did the waiter pay attention to your food preferences? Pay attention to these aspects and keep them in mind while choosing good hotels in Coimbatore.

Delicious food and luxury services

How can we talk about star hotels without mentioning Kovai’s delicious cuisine? Most top hotels in Coimbatore are known for their immaculate multi-cuisine variety of food – something for everyone from all around the globe! If you are a foodie and finding good food is one of your top priorities while traveling, be sure that the hotel you pick has a good restaurant, cafe, in-house bar, in-room dining options, and a host of other facilities.

On the whole, look for luxury services combined with comfort without compromising on your budget. Be it a swimming pool to chill with your friends, a luxury spa to unwind from a long weekend, a television in your room to entertain your children, pet-friendly services for your pet, a travel desk to guide you and your family for your pilgrimage by planning your complete itinerary, and so on.


Choose Best Star hotels in Coimbatore

How to Choose the Best Star Hotels in Coimbatore

Finally, going out on that friend’s trip you planned ages ago? Want to unwind from a tiring week at work by heading out of town with your family? Or planning a solo trip to find some peace from the bustling city? Whatever the case, choosing good star hotels in Coimbatore will be the best way to ensure your stay is a good and memorable one!

What’s more, if the hotel is a fine blend of affordable and luxurious, you will get more than your money’s worth which will accentuate your satisfaction! On the whole, read on to find out how you can find the best star hotels in Coimbatore and what sets them apart from other hotels.

Value for money

If you are on a budget trip, money will be the most important factor to consider while making bookings and reservations. On the other hand, even if you have a flexible budget, it feels good to get a variety of services at affordable prices. Cost-effective rates are welcome by all tourists and if you are planning a trip to Coimbatore, be on the lookout for hotels that offer affordable services without compromising on quality and luxury.

A variety of services

Be it a 24-hour cafe, travel desk available for tours you have planned, valet parking, concierge to help carry your bags to your room, multiple room options with different views and price ranges, or any other facility – these might seem like basic services but are actually what makes a hotel stand out from the crowd.

You will often not use the swimming pool, spa, or pet-friendly services the hotel offers. But you will remember the quality and variety of multi-cuisine food offered, laundry and ironing services, the proper television available in every room, good in-room dining options, the eager staff who took care of your every need, and so on. Be sure that the star hotels in Coimbatore you opt for have these facilities at reasonable rates.

Eager staff and good hospitality

Another key aspect you will always remember about a hotel is the eagerness of its staff and how well they responded to your requirements. While some staff merely deliver what services you asked for, others go the extra mile to ensure you are satisfied with what you received. Be it a concierge who held the door open for you without expecting a tip, a waiter who specifically kept your diet requirements in mind while preparing your dish, or a travel desk clerk who planned your itinerary keeping in mind your family’s preferences – every gesture matters!

Easy transport and check-in/check-out

Want to make your trip more convenient and reduce travel time? Pick a hotel close to the airport, railway station, or prime location. This way, you can easily reach your hotel after a long day of travel and easily plan your shopping trip or visit tourist spots with less travel time. On the whole, you can cut down transport costs as well as drop by a mall or shopping street for any last-minute requirements.


Easy check-in and check-out might seem like basic facilities, but only when you visit the hotel will you appreciate the value of convenience! Imagine visiting a hotel after a tiring day of travel and the check-in procedure is even more tiring and long-drawn! It would ruin your entire hotel experience and start your trip negatively. Hence, pick a hotel with good hospitality, pre-bookings, and a good concierge to handle your luggage.

Travel desk, Help desk, and good food

If traveling is a big part of your trip, be sure that you have an itinerary planned. If not, ensure that the hotel offers a quality travel desk to help plan your daily travel activities. This way, you can easily navigate your way through the city, have your transport fixed and charges are taken care of, and mainly, have a tour guide to ensure you don’t feel lost during the trip! Good star hotels in Coimbatore offer both a travel desk as well as a help desk to accentuate the quality of your stay.

On the other hand, if you are more into good food and trying a variety of cuisines, ensure that the hotel has a multi-cuisine restaurant. This way, if you are on a trip with a group of friends and you all have different tastes, you can all be satisfied. Apart from the restaurant, 24-hour cafe, and all-inclusive bar, be sure that the in-room dining menu is exquisite. This way, you can enjoy your favorite food from the comfort of your room.

Why is Kiscol Grands ideal for your next trip?

Be it good food, quality hospitality, or comfortable rooms with luxurious facilities – we ensure that every aspect of your overall trip is remarkable and memorable! Our staff is available at all times with a 24-hour help desk to cater to your every need. Our bar is packed with top-quality services and our multi-cuisine restaurant has every delicacy imaginable from around the globe.

Head over to our website today to check out our quality services and book your next stay at our star hotels in Coimbatore.


What is different about the best five-star hotels in Coimbatore for lunch?

Are you a foodie looking for the best five-star hotels in Coimbatore for lunch? We understand the importance of good food and the need to fuel your stamina to explore Coimbatore. Read on to know what makes hotels the best and what they are doing differently to satisfy their customers.

Good ambiance

The first most important factor that makes hotels stand out from the crowd is their ambiance. Even after you forget what food you tried at the hotel, you will remember the ambiance the hotel provided. Did the hotel have good lighting that made you feel at home the second you stepped in? Was the air conditioning adequate for yourself and your family? Did you enjoy the reception and staff service? Most importantly, did you enjoy the presentation of the food and portions you received? All this is what you will remember long after you have left Coimbatore after your trip.

Good value for money

Not only are hotels known for their delicious food, but their expertise is also accentuated by their value for money. Be it the presentation, portions served, the flavor of the food, or simply the ambiance and service – all these factors come into play to make a hotel a good one! If your trip is on a budget and you wish to make the most of your extra change to try authentic Coimbatore food, be sure to pick an affordable hotel. At the same time, ensure that they don’t compromise on flavor and quality.

Variety of cuisines

Top hotels have a variety of cuisines from around the globe that you can try. If you are heading out for lunch with family or friends and each of them has a different preference or craving, it helps to pick a multicuisine restaurant to get the best results! The highlight that makes a good hotel a great one is the authenticity of spices and ingredients used which gives it the complete flavor of the place it’s from. Want authentic Chinese food? Won’t you be twice as satisfied if it tastes like an actual hotel in China?!

Eager and helpful staff

Another aspect that makes top hotels stand out is their eager and friendly staff. Not only do they serve you well and guide you through their menu, but they also go the extra mile to make your experience a good one! On the whole, they are people who are dedicated to what they do and look forward to ensuring you have a great time. This ultimately makes your lunch an unforgettable experience and will make you recommend the hotel to your friends and family.

Why is Kiscol Grands the best lunch destination for you?

Hotel Kiscol Grands is one of the best five-star hotels in Coimbatore for lunch in terms of affordability as well as quality and good variety. Our main aim is to make your stay a comfortable one with the best food and prices. Our fine blend of comfort and luxury is what makes us stand out as one of the top hotels in Coimbatore.

Head over to our website to know more about our services and top-quality service. Book your stay with us and keep us in mind the next time you want to try a weekend buffet! Contact us to book your comfortable stay and know more about our packages and prices.


How to discover the best restaurants in Coimbatore?

Are you a foodie who is tired of frequenting the same hotels for your food cravings? Want to find a new place in Coimbatore to discover new food? Or are you someone with intense wanderlust who wishes to find the best restaurants in Coimbatore at the hotels you stay at? Whatever your purpose is, we got you covered! Read on to know what makes a restaurant a good one and what features to look out for!

Cuisine from around the world

It is always a good idea to find a restaurant that serves multiple cuisines from around the world. That way, if you’re heading out with friends and each of you is in the mood for a different dish, there is something for everyone! The same goes for restaurants that separate vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes for people who are sensitive to them.

A bonus that some restaurants provide is a live omelet or dosa station. Some hotels prepare the food fresh in front of you while you choose the toppings and customize it yourself. Without a doubt, this style of service along with buffet facilities always impress customers! The same goes for restaurants that have tea and coffee booths you can prepare your beverage at. A variety of fresh fruit juices you can serve yourself, a toaster to make your toast, and a choice of cornflakes you can prepare as per your liking are also a bonus.

Read also; How to find the best restaurants in Coimbatore?
Customer reviews

One of the best ways to ensure a restaurant is of good quality and delivers what it promises is to be on the lookout for customer reviews. Check for testimonials on the company website, comments on social media, reviews on online forums, complaints on the Consumer Complaints Board, discussions on Quora, etc.

All these are firsthand indicators of a restaurant’s authenticity, quality of food, the standard of ambiance, staff, and service, etc. It will help you know honest reviews about a place and you can have a conversation with other people with tastes similar to yours. On the whole, the best restaurants in Coimbatore need not be 5-star hotels, but their reviews will often be 5-stars!


Another aspect to look out for is the cost. Are the dishes worth the price? Are the ambiance and staff service as per the standard of the hotel? How satisfied are the other customers? On the whole, just because a restaurant serves divine food from around the globe, does not mean you should empty your pockets when you step out after a meal!

Be sure the restaurant you visit serves the food you are craving in quantities that will suffice the gathering you are with. The quality of service and ambiance also count while considering the pricing. Be sure that your overall experience is a good one – be it the temperature of the restaurant, the presentation of food, variety in the menu, etc.

Staff and luxury facilities

Not everyone visits a restaurant exclusively for the food. If you are someone who also cares about the hotel and hopes to stay for a vacation after your meal, be sure that the hotel has the amenities you require. Some hotels offer luxury facilities to treat their customers. This could include a swimming pool, attached television in your room, spa or other ways of comfort, etc. If you are arriving with pets, be sure the hotel is pet-friendly and offers pet services. The best restaurants in Coimbatore have a variety of services apart from good food to ensure every aspect of your experience is good!

Why is Hotel Kiscol Grands ideal for you?

At Kiscol Grands, we aim to make your stay or meal – whatever you choose to experience with us – as memorable as possible! With a fine blend of comfort and luxury, we offer the best services and cuisines from around the world! Looking for a fun time with friends at a DJ Night or Karaoke Night event? Or looking for a delicious Weekend Buffet with scrumptious delicacies? No matter what you’re looking for, we can provide you with the best experience!

Head over to our website to browse through our services and book a reservation today! Contact us to book a table and know more about our menu!


Where can we find clean, well sanitized and safe hotels in Coimbatore amidst this Coronavirus situation?

Now that many Hotels in Coimbatore prioritize the health, safety, and security of the guests, team members, and business partners. But there are only a few who follow strict guidelines to ensure security. COVID-19 has changed the way we live, and we are changing our daily operations to fit inside the new normal. In response to this, hotels with a team of experts who have reviewed the existing health and safety processes and develop a new safety protocol. This in-depth sanitation and disinfection protocol were created in some of the hotels, in partnership with the government to ensure your security and peace of mind from check-in to check-out. In observation by many experts in hygiene and sanitisation, hotel Kiscol grands in Coimbatore has one of the best in class safety and hygiene scores.

Safety Protocols that have been followed

Face Covers and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

  • To help protect the health, protection and safety of our guests, team members, and visitors, we need the use of face covers in indoor common spaces in our hotel, pending local laws and guidelines. For those children below the age of two or anyone who has difficulty breathing, is unconscious, disabled, or otherwise inadequate to remove the mask externally assistance, face protection are not mandated.
  • The team members are mandated to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and with sanitisation.

Rapid COVID-19 testing for attendees who have higher temperatures.

To give ease and confidence to respond to face-to-face meetings and displays, we have originated onsite, rapid COVID-19 antigen testing for attendees. To provide this service, we engage with leading healthcare providers to make the option available in Coimbatore.

Mandatory protocols that are followed in Kiscol Grands

  • ✓ Please note that the use of protection is mandatory in the hotel’s common areas.
  • ✓ The temperature is taken at all guests and staff entrances. In the case of a fever, for the protection of all, guests will not be allowed to stay in the Rooms.
  • ✓ Room keys are sanitised daily.
  • ✓ The number of sanitation in the common spaces has increased.
  • ✓ Cleaning of rooms with guests inside is not allowed.
  • ✓ The covers of the rooms are cleaned with particular disinfectants.
  • ✓ The room freshening is maximized.
  • ✓ Breakfast that is served in the hotel and is prepared according to hygienic protocol.
  • ✓ All guests are provided with sanitisation gel in the common areas and rooms.
  • ✓ Methacrylate hindrances have been installed in the reception.
  • ✓ All guests and staff are required to uphold the minimum safety distance, marked at 2 meters.

With all safety precautions are followed in a disciplined and organized way, we can clearly say that hotel Kiscol Grands in Coimbatore is one of the safest hotels in Coimbatore to stay in an emergency situation.


Luxury four star hotels in coimbatore

Book your stay at the best luxury four star hotels in Coimbatore

There are several four star hotels in Coimbatore that you can book your stay at. But when it comes to budget hotels, not all of them are as comfortable as they are cheap. It is not only important to know what amenities you are looking for in a hotel but also to ensure the hotel you choose offers those facilities. How do you go about choosing the right four star hotels for your trip and what amenities can you look for to enhance the quality of your trip? Read on to know more!

Good reception and concierge

Having a warm welcome at the reception and a good concierge who caters to your needs can greatly add to your hotel experience. After a long and tiring day of travel, having a greeting at the entrance and a concierge to attend to your luggage will act as a godsend. A good choice of rooms with a pleasant view of the city, a television in the room, and in-room dining facilities can enhance the quality of your stay manifold.

Luxurious amenities

The best part about luxury four star hotels in Coimbatore is you will get the same amenities as regular hotels but at excellent quality. Not just in terms of a good stay, even if you are looking for a wedding hall, party hall, or a business meeting room, look for a hotel that offers top-class amenities covering all your needs. Be it a spa or a swimming pool to enjoy with your friends, or a buffet and a television in the room to quiet time with family – make sure the hotel offers the amenities you are looking for. The best four star hotels in Coimbatore offer a variety of amenities, so it is always a good idea to be clear about which ones you want.

Convenient tour facilities

It is natural to plan a trip with a travel itinerary in mind. Coimbatore is a populous city with lots of lush greenery and beautiful tourist spots to visit. But it is hard to navigate your way through a city you are new to, which gives rise to the need for a tourist guide. A hotel that arranges not only for a guide but also transport facilities is a bonus for visitors. It shows that the hotel doesn’t merely care about your experience inside it but also outside the hotel.

Basic facilities and attention to detail

It is often that we go on trips with family and are unimpressed by the lack of family-friendly services. Or had an unsatisfactory moment when we had to travel far for parking as the hotel didn’t have parking facilities. Or maybe you expected a vegetarian menu but the variety available was very limited. Or simply had to walk up a long flight of stairs as the hotel didn’t have a lift to navigate the floors. These might seem like minor details, but it’s the minor details that often create a major impact on our overall hotel experience.

Why Kiscol Grands?

At Hotel Kiscol Grands, we are reputed for our people-friendly services and variety of facilities to cater to any occasion. We pay attention to the details and ensure that even the tiniest aspects that could affect your stay are catered to. On the whole, our attentive staff and waiters genuinely care about your stay and travel experience to make sure your trip is a good one.

To book a stay at our top-class hotel and have a quality weekend, visit our website or call our staff. We cater to all your needs and ensure every detail is attended to. If not a stay, we offer entertainment activities to make your weekend one to remember! Be it a karaoke night with your friends, jamming to a fun-filled DJ night, or a chilled-out weekend buffet with family – you say it, we have it! Book your weekend today!