Where to stop for the best 5-star hotels in Coimbatore for lunch?

Where to stop for the best 5-star hotels in Coimbatore for lunch?

Are you a foodie who loves to travel and try to brand new cuisines from around the globe? Then heading to some of the best 5-star hotels in Coimbatore for lunch would make a very memorable experience for you! Whether you plan to stay at the hotel or just drop by for a quick snack, it makes sense to ensure there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

If you are going with a big group of people, be sure to do your research and pick a good place that serves dishes you enjoy. Also, ensure that everyone is satisfied with the ambiance, packages offered, and everyone’s budget preferences are in tune with the price ranges available. With so many top-class hotels in Coimbatore, how can you pick the ideal one for your cravings? Read on to find out!

Compare price ranges

It is always a good idea to do your research before making a final decision. Be sure to compare price ranges on listing sites and public forums to ensure you are getting a good deal. Check what amenities the hotel offers, what ambiance is available, how hospitable the staff is, and mainly, how much hotels similar to the one you are choosing are charging for the same services. This way, you won’t just get a good hotel. You will get the best one!


Location is one of the most important aspects while choosing a hotel. It will help you cut down on travel time and costs – be it to a tourist spot nearby or commuting to the airport or railway station. Furthermore, the location will ensure you can drop by a restaurant or nearby mall for food if the hotel doesn’t live up to your expectations! On the whole, it will help you save a lot of time and money that you can spend better on other aspects of your trip.

Ambiance and amenities offered

The bottom line you need to be aware of for any hotel or restaurant you pick is the ambiance and amenities offered. Food could be your priority, but it would be such a good advantage if the hotel rooms and luxury services were also of good quality! Look for laundry services, buffet dinners, swimming pools, pet-friendly services, and banquet halls if luxury services are your priority. Be sure to get your money’s worth by browsing for services that match your requirements.

Staff eagerness and hospitality

Long after your trip is done, the aspects you will always remember are the quality of service and staff eagerness. Did the concierge hold the door open for you when you entered? Did the bellboy carry your luggage up to your room without expecting a tip? Did the waiter remember your preferences while bringing you your order? Be sure to note the staff eagerness and hospitality the hotel offers, as these are what make the best 5-star hotels in Coimbatore for lunch truly worth the money!

Compare other hotels and check social media

Social media is one of the ideal ways to check a hotel’s authenticity. Be sure to check online on listing sites and forums like Reddit, Quora, and so on for customer reviews and star ratings. Check the website for testimonials and customer feedback. Google My Business is a great way to check for hotel images, food photos, customer reviews, location, tourist spots close by, and the hotel’s contact details.

Furthermore, check the hotel’s online presence and social media profiles to know more about their services, amenities, ongoing offers, and so on. Be sure to check what response the content is receiving and how customers are commenting and interacting with the hotel’s posts. All these methods will ensure you can pick the best 5-star hotels in Coimbatore for lunch after comparing with other hotels available.

Why is Hotel Kiscol Grands the ideal lunch destination for you?

With all said and done, be sure to pick Hotel Kiscol Grands for your next lunch stop. We are a prestigious group of hotels in and around Coimbatore that are known for our delectable cuisines and excellent hospitality. Situated in the heart of the city, we are a prime spot for both traveling to tourist spots as well as saving costs and time from the airport. Be sure to check out our affordable services and amenities that cater to both comfort and luxury.

Check out our hotel menu online and browse through our ongoing offers and services. Our weekend buffet menu is sure to leave your mouth watering and our in-house bar is sure to satiate your party mood with friends! Everything is all-inclusive and our services are customizable to suit whichever packages interest you. Head over to our website to know more about why we are one of the best 5-star hotels in Coimbatore for lunch and to book your next stay or reserve your table!


Top-notch accommodation with famous luxury hotels in Coimbatore

Top-notch accommodation with famous luxury hotels in Coimbatore

Holidays offer you an escape from a hectic life. You can unwind without any work commitments, household tasks, or deadlines. 

This experience can further be enriched by choosing the famous luxury hotels in Coimbatore. Luxury hospitality brands ensure the utmost importance to the unique needs of the guests and provide an unparalleled level of accommodation. 

This accommodation also comprises facilities designed to make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable. 

The following are a few characteristics of a luxury hotel that you should notice. 

1. Seamless booking 

Whether you are booking a hotel room online or through the phone, the process should be seamless. The hotel should deploy responsive and helpful personnel to handle the call. The representatives should also resolve questions and special requests as soon as possible. 

2. Friendly demeanor 

The consideration of a luxury hotel in serving its guests should reflect in their communication. The first encounter with the staffers will a lot about that place. You can expect welcoming and friendly communication from the staff members. 

3. Upscaled rooms 

Once inside the room, you should feel comfortable and relaxed. Modern, upscale rooms are complemented by a large selection of features, such as: 

  • Beds

Large-sized beds with soft, comfortable mattresses are a must for any luxury hotel. The staff members should also clean the mattress and bedsheet to ward off bed bugs. 

  • Outlets 

You should also expect multiple power outlets near the bed for charging smartphones and plugging lamps. 

  • Storage 

Adequate space for storage will help to keep things organized. You should take note of the lack of storage space as a red flag. 

  • Wi-Fi 

The most important facility for a famous luxury hotel room is free Wi-Fi. It provides constant access to the internet from the room. 

4. Accessible services 

On-site services truly set apart luxury hotels from other standard places. The range and quality of services will ensure a special experience for every guest without breaking the bank. 

  • 24-hour gym 

The fitness center should be open all the time and contain a wide array of training equipment for guests to use. 

  • Spacious lobby 

A social area away from the main entrance with couches and minibar makes for a luxurious stay. 

  • Transportation 

The luxury hotel must offer transportation services to nearby airports and bus terminals. This service will make the stay more convenient. 


5. Culinary choice 

When a luxury hotel room is booked, you don’t have to worry about food or restaurants. The on-site restaurants provide multicuisine menu options to guests. Other than the premium foods, you can also expect tea, coffee, and beverages from the restaurant. Most importantly, the restaurants should be able to accommodate diverse crowds. 

6. Quick service 

The staff members should value time during your luxury hotel stay. They should attend to the situation on time and mitigate the difficulty for guests. This is one of the essential criteria that distinguish luxury hotels from other places. 

How to find the best luxury hotels? 

If you are looking for a luxury hotel for the first time, it can be quite difficult to find the right place. Below are some tips you can follow for choosing the best luxury hotels for your trip. 

  • Call the reservation 

The first thing you need to do is call the reservation office and discuss. You can ask general questions like how much the rooms cost? What are the services you are offering? What are amenities I can find inside the suite? And so on. 

  • Check location 

Location is the single most important consideration when booking a luxury hotel room. Take the time to research the different places and opt for the ones that are closely located to local attractions and airports. 

  • Budget 

You should always have a travel budget when booking hotel rooms. Research the room rates online and compare them. Most importantly, avoid choosing the cheapest rooms, as this could backfire easily. 


Luxury refined! 

Ready to make your holiday trips special with the famous luxury hotels in Coimbatore. Kiscol Grands is a renowned luxury hospitality brand serving customers with all-inclusive services. We have an outstanding array of amenities, including first-rate multi-cuisine restaurants. All our services are offered at affordable price ranges.


A constructive view on luxury hotels in Coimbatore

Vacation time is nearing, and many people have decided on their holiday destination. To make the trips more exciting, choosing the best luxury hotels in Coimbatore is a must. 

Standard hotels have their own set of modern facilities, but luxury hotels have their own uniqueness with the best services and features. These hotels are more luxurious and pristine than low-star establishments. 

When travelers opt for luxury hotels, they get top-of-the-line amenities, well-decorated rooms, and a concierge on site. 

What to expect in a luxury hotel?’

People looking to book a room in luxury hotels in Coimbatore can expect several higher-end features from the establishment. Here are some of them: 

1.  Booking convenience 

The best hotels make it easier for guests to book a room. The ease of convenience and quickness of booking can actually make a customer choose one brand over its competitor. Booking convenience should be enhanced with the help of a friendly and helpful staff team. The representatives should guide inquirers through the steps from start to finish. 

2. First impression

The initial encounter with a hotel can tell a lot about that place. Luxury hotels aim to offer the best first impression with a variety of amenities. A place may have valet parking, doormen, and bellmen to assist the guests. The representatives will also communicate with welcoming, friendly body language. The check-in should also be quick and smooth – within 10 minutes. 

3. Top-class rooms 

Another way luxury hotels in Coimbatore distinguish themselves from mid-range chains is through a wide array of amenities. The establishment will help the guests experience the local flavor with well-refined services. Typically, rooms in luxury hotels have the following features: 

  • Comforting furniture 

The room should be loaded with lots of furniture to make guests comfortable. A cushioned bed and recliner are a must-have for any luxury room. The higher standards of quality of these furniture pieces ensure an exclusive experience for any tourist. One can also expect a work desk and an office-style chair to allow business travelers to complete their work tasks. 

  • Storage 

Travelers are also sure to find a lot of storage spaces to organize their large, cumbersome luggage. Guests may get annoyed if they find only hangers or clothes rack in their room. A special wardrobe or wall shelf can enrich their experience. Most notably, luxury rooms will also have a complete storage solution in the bathroom. 

  • Linen 

Luxury hotels in Coimbatore offer a fresh supply of bath and bed linen to guests on a regular basis. They also through in a couple of extras to prevent travelers from reusing wet or old towels. The fresh towels maximize safety for guests in this pandemic period as well. 

  • Wi-Fi 

Considering the number of people working away from home in recent times, constant internet access is an essential feature. Luxury hotel rooms have uninterrupted and free Wi-Fi for work and recreational activities. The internet availability also allows guests to make use of the hotel’s web and mobile apps. 

4. Excellent restaurants 

Luxury hotels will also have a solid lineup of world-class, multi-cuisine restaurants. Guests can expect international and local menus from the restaurants to suffice their taste buds. In addition to food, there will also be an array of options for beverages in that place. The lounge spaces will have a minibar facility for customers. 

5. Quick & reliable service 

Reliable 24/7 concierge service may not be assured in low-range chains. Luxury hotels in Coimbatore ensure smooth and quick solutions to guests. They also have a resident manager to respond to difficulties. These managers engage with guests and support them throughout the process. 

Are luxury hotels worth the money? 

Many may choose to book rooms in low-star hotels for being affordable. Most of them aren’t concerned with the amenities and features. But, luxury hotels can be comfortable and affordable as well. The high-end status of these establishments offers an unparalleled experience to guests. 

Most importantly, the money myth is widely misunderstood in the hospitality industry. People generally associate spending more with can promise quality accommodations. However, Luxury hotels in Coimbatore offer a world-class level of services at reasonable prices. Guests will actually find that the price has nothing to do with the quality of the accommodation. 

A reliable brand 

When it comes to choosing luxury hotels, brand matters the most. For travelers, brands should be more than just a design feature or tagline. Pretentious advertisements shouldn’t be trusted in any situation. 

In hospitality, the brand should be associated with standards. This is crucial for travelers because they get a reliable hospitality partner to enrich their holiday experience. All luxury hospitality brands are trying to keep pace with the competition by constantly scrutinizing and re-defining their services. 

They also offer rooms at various price points to attract travelers on a budget. While they may be obvious differences between each price offering, quality and cleanliness will remain the same. The staff members are trained to pay close attention to the detail for enriching the experience. Their service will be quick, friendly, and beyond the expected levels. 

Kiscol Grands is the best luxury hotel in Coimbatore offering an array of world-class amenities at affordable price points. The brand tries to elevate the overall stay experience with the highest standards of concierge services and accommodations. Guests can also relish delicacies with multi-cuisine restaurants and bars. Allow the team of Kiscol Grands team to curate your holiday memories. 



Good hotels in Coimbatore near Airport

Having the best room service after a long-haul meeting, Cafe and bar facilities during breaks, the best wifi facilities for online meetings, Big conference hall to facilitate business discussions, a big Swimming pool for the kids to enjoy, multi-cuisine restaurants to aid our tongue with variety of taste is all the best hotel should provide at ease.  

Convenience will be the basic necessity for every business trip and holiday travels as well. There are certain factors to be considered before booking your hotels. Here we curated some brand new tips that ensure your comfort for all kinds of travel.


The first and foremost step while choosing your hotel should be Location. The hotel you choose should cover the proximity of the purpose of your visit. It should ease up your travel. Choosing the right location will save your time and reputation for being punctual. This helps you to focus on your plans instead of searching for cabs and maps. 

The lesser we travel, the more time will be available to make our plans and purposes perfect. In Coimbatore, the booming city with a wide variety of industries paves way for business travel. With this in mind, several economic luxury hotels are emerging in the industrial city, and also, Coimbatore holds various tourist attractions and great weather throughout the year that invites tourists from various corners of the world. 

To aid our purpose of visit after a long tiring journey, Finding the best hotels in Coimbatore near an airport is important. It will enable us to rest as well as to plan for our further loans in the city


When you plan to retire in your room after dealing with employees and clients in your business trip, you need assistance from the best room service to fulfill your needs. They should be one call away, easily approachable, and aware of all the requirements and services.

One person for one service will be the best option, some of the good hotels in Coimbatore near airport provides such services, which will leave us in a completely comfortable stay.

How to find whether the hotel is offering the service you needed?


Most of the best hotels suggestions will come through word of mouth, but still, we can find the best hotels through online reviews. Check their website and other portals, go through the reviews posted by their customers. Balance both negative and positive reviews, weigh them and make your decision. This is one essential step to be taken before booking because we should not regret the decision we made. 

Instead of searching for hotels near famous landmarks, choosing the hotels that have the familiarity as a landmark is quite difficult. Spending your time in the most comfortable hotels will leave the name across town. It is better to examine such hotels with proper listings about their services. This is a tip for those explorers to not fall into the worst hotels by their tagline “cheap”. Examine wisely and choose your hotel after considering every factor to be considered.


Your travel should be comfortable, travelling with expensive accessories, jewellery, backpacks and clothes are essential. In such case, worrying about the belongings when you are having a good shower in the Siruvani river is more or less a failed plan. 

Finding the best hotels which secure your things with utmost care in perfect storage away from thieves and bad hands is necessary.  

Comfort and Essentials

Who knows the place? Who will guide you through the city when you need something? To whom you should rely to find the restaurants and bars? How are you going to keep your kids entertained when you are going to stay in Coimbatore?

Good Hotels in Coimbatore near airport hold the best answer for all your queries. Why do we have to search for the best places outside when the best hotel provides premium facilities and amenities within. 

Be it to experience the taste of south India, north India or any other country famous cuisine, the best hotels should provide them at ease. For kids, pampering them with desserts and chocolates, swimming pool to spend their leisure hours. For adults, bars with all kinds of liquors aid your “friends only” trip more fun and comfortable. These hotels near airports in Coimbatore satisfy you with every amenities and accommodation and keep you comfortable and most importantly safe.

Some of the Good hotels in Coimbatore near airport allow you to take your pet animals inside, which is literally heaven for those lovely creatures to have family time together. 

In addition to this, Some hotels near airports facilitate its customer with travel services to enjoy the scenic beauty of Coimbatore, if you are on a business trip, then having an in-house travel service to reach your business locations is nothing but a premium comfort service. 

Kiscol grands, one of the best hotels near Coimbatore airport provide every service mentioned above at a budget-friendly cost. Experience such a luxurious environment might make you plan your next visit to the hotel. Their service is so customer-friendly with authentic style and comfort. A luxurious stay at a reasonable price is all you get from Kiscol grands. 

Free wifi, 24/7, best toiletries and emergency services will be taken care of, Kiscol grands just needs the people with the perfect plan to enjoy their Coimbatore trip. Every other thing regarding your necessities and accommodation will be in your name when you plan to book Kiscol grands.


Book hotels at low prices – Low Budget Hotels in Coimbatore near Railway Station

A few things should be thought about when you search for a budget hotel in Coimbatore near the railway station

Convenience is the first thing we will think about when we plan for a trip or travel. To make things easier, we look for hotels that are close by and don’t have to look for a place to stay at that moment. We will travel by train, bus, or car for most of our journey. If it’s a long travel an unknown place. we decide to book a hotel for our stay. So there are a few things that should be known before you head to some unknown places. These tips and information will help you travel stress-free and will make your trip or journey more pleasurable and enjoyable.

Now we are traveling in Railway transport and reached our specific unknown destination. our next thought will be in booking our rooms to make a comfortable stay. So first it should be easily found from our transport area like a railway station, Bus stands, etc. Second, it should be a budget hotel. Someplace have any one of these above conditions. Neither a low-cost nor a well-placed hotel. Two conditions are only possible at kiscol grand because it’s a budget hotel in Coimbatore near the railway station. We’ve compiled a list of brand-new travel guidelines to assure your comfort on any trip.


You can choose a budget hotel near tourist attractions which you are clear about and the ones you’ll visit throughout your stay. If your hotel is in a central location, you will save time and energy while traveling. Looking for hotels near airports, shopping malls, train stations, or in the heart of crowded cities will make your travel without a stress-free one.

When you have last-minute or emergency demands, the location becomes crucial. Making last-minute visits or purchases becomes easier if your hotel is in a convenient location. Apart from emergencies and quick transportation, location is also significant when it comes to visiting major tourist destinations and attractions.

Budget Hotel:

Make sure that simply because your hotel is inexpensive, it doesn’t compromise on the quality of service and amenities it offers. Ensure that your standards of comfort or luxury are met at the hotel of your choice, from room service to greetings at the registration desk. If you want a pleasant weekend with spas, in-house laundry, swimming pools, excellent restaurants, and other amenities, look for a hotel with those features at a reasonable price.

Are the budget hotel’s eating and housekeeping facilities adequate? Is Wi-Fi available for free and at a high speed? Is the hotel able to accommodate your various needs, whether you’re planning a family holiday and need a television in your room or you’re on a friend’s trip and need a restaurant with a choice of cuisines? Budget hotels in Coimbatore near the railway station, keep these considerations in mind.

Customer Reviews:

Checking out past client reviews and comments on social media and internet forums is the greatest way to determine if a hotel is genuine and delivers on its claims. Keep an eye out for complaints on the Consumer Complaints Board, reviews on travel or booking-related websites, and comments on travel blogs — you should have a good understanding of your internet presence.

Before making a reservation or renting a room, many clients check out a hotel’s social media accounts and internet presence. Check out the budget hotel’s online activities to see what previous guests have to say about the services and environment of the establishment. Low-budget hotels near railway stations will be the best option when you are on a sudden journey.

Cost value: Plan out your schedule and where you’ll be spending your time during your trip. This will assist you in determining how much you can spend on meals, transportation, and lodging. Always save your luxury shopping for the last day of your trip so you know exactly how much you can spend.

You can find budget hotels in Coimbatore near the railway station that meet your budget without sacrificing facilities or service quality by choosing how much you can spend on accommodation. The nicest aspect is that you can stay in a budget hotel for a week for the same amount as two nights in a regular hotel. This is why deciding on a specific pricing range for lodging is so important

What is the purpose of Kiscol grands?

We offer services that are both economical and budget-friendly without sacrificing quality or service standards. We believe in affordable prices that are in perfect sync with elegance and comfort. Our staff is happy to assist you and is always accessible to meet your needs, ensuring that your stay is free of any problems or elements that would detract from your enjoyment. Even if you are only spending a weekend indoors, your stay will be rich in diversity and experience because we serve food from all over the world.

Are you planning a trip to Coimbatore with your friends and family for a relaxing vacation? Kiscol Grands will ensure that your stay is pleasant, luxurious, and memorable! Visit our website to learn more about our packages, unique weekly programs, and lodging options, or call our reception staff, who are available to answer your questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Overall, our amenities have been carefully selected to ensure that you have a pleasant stay. So this is why kiscol plays a vital role in Low budget hotels near the railway station.



7 Tips To Choose The Best Restaurant In Coimbatore

7 Tips To Choose The Best Restaurant In Coimbatore

Memories! The most beautiful part in our memory lane will be identified by the restaurants we dine in, and some of the worst experiences too.

These tips will help you to make your future restaurant picks better. Because we are going to harvest our best quality hours of the day.   

Here are the usual ways people use to find hotels and restaurants:

Word of mouth and online reviews might drive us towards those suggested places. But ask these questions listed below before booking your table. 

Let’s have a gastronomic feast.


Plan your food at a place nearer to your stay, focus on the purpose and happiness of your stay rather than travel and roadmaps. inclusive restaurants and bars at hotels will be a simple and best choice.

Walking to our best restaurants instead of taking cabs will save us some extra bucks for our dessert. Restaurants nearer to airports and other transportation areas will ease our journey in case we are traveling. 

Selecting restaurants nearer to lakes, seaside, Riverside, mountains will make our mood delightful. 


We may be on our business trip, honeymoon, date night, family function, or friends day out, whatever the purpose is, the ambiance should serve its beauty and comfort. 

Booking tables away from the Air-conditioner, Kitchen are some of the basic principles.

Apart from that the proper music, the volume of music, the lighting, the theme of the restaurants, the design and position of tables and chairs will make your time memorable forever. I heard people leaving restaurants because of the louder music they played.

Some of the best restaurants in Coimbatore facilitate rooftop dining assuring a greater ambiance with active service at an affordable price.


Multi-cuisine restaurants should be your priority, where more options will be available in their menu. You can try new things out, if you are a food blogger, you will be at the right place.

And the chef who knows the cuisine better is also a factor to be considered. Will you accept if a North Indian Chef makes Madurai’s Jigarthanda? 

A proper chef knows the purpose of the ingredients and the culture behind it, Others will know the method but there won’t be any soul in it.

Excellent service

The perfect service will understand their customers’ moods and needs in a fraction. They should act accordingly. People entering restaurants may need some privacy, in such cases, they won’t accept the frequent intrusion of the services. 

The services should know their menu top to bottom, when customers ask about their best food, they should give their super-best food.  


Choose a certified restaurant, with safe and secured cooking facilities. Everyone loves Ratatouille in animation but not in real life. Several investigations are happening around the hygiene of restaurants in India. Better analyze the history and certifications of the restaurants before making your plan. 

24/7 restaurants 

Staying near 24/7 restaurants helps you to dine-in at irregular timings, we can’t predict the way they cook at those unusual times. Some of the hotels in Coimbatore provide cafes, bars, and restaurants round the clock to serve their customers with all their needs. 

 Value for money

Money won’t be a thing if the restaurant serves the best food. Some people suggest their favorite picks even though they are a bit pricey. Because of the quality. 

If we are craving food, we can get them anywhere, but the quality and the memory solely depend upon the restaurants we choose. Foods are the only thing on the planet that triggers every five senses. It should be planned at the perfect restaurant to make the journey worthy. 

Kiscol Grands is one of the best restaurants in Coimbatore which brings authentic flavors across the globe to your plate, proudly serving its customers 24/7. This restaurant fulfills all the above-mentioned criteria and is undoubtedly a must-visit destination. Visit their website and know better about their supremacy.


What sets apart the best bars in Coimbatore?

It isn’t often that we plan an outing with friends to spend a fun night at a bar. So, it makes sense that on the rare occasions that we do plan an outing, we can make it memorable and spend a little extra to have a good time! If you’re wondering if good quality comes at exorbitant prices, you’re wrong! Several bars in Coimbatore offer excellent ambiance, top-quality starters, and drinks – all without compromising on the budget of your preference! Read on to know how you can pick the best bars for your evening!

Do your research

Almost all bars claim to provide the best services and international standards of service and food. But not all of them live up to the expectations they set and end up looting your money!

Doing your research is one of the most important things to keep in mind while choosing a hotel. Be sure to check the services offered at the bar, what dishes they serve, how their amenities and menu items are priced, and so on.

Most importantly, be sure to compare their prices and menu to their competitors and know which places offer better value for money. Always keep in mind that luxury hotels in Coimbatore will claim many things and pose as the expert in their niche. But only with good research can you sort out the good ones from the rest!


Check the ambiance and best dishes on the menu

Long after your evening is complete, you will remember the ambiance the bar offered! Even after you forget the food you ate or the drinks you enjoyed, you will remember the atmosphere at the bar and how eager the staff was to cater to your needs.


If the waiter remembered your preferences and prepared your order as per your liking, you will be sure to recommend the bar to your friends. The best bars in Coimbatore don’t just cater to your needs. They go the extra mile to provide good services and go out of their way to ensure you are having a good time!


Ask your friends and check testimonials

Testimonials and guest feedback are the most trustworthy ways to determine a hotel’s standards before you visit them. It makes sense to ask people how they enjoyed their stay before making a visit and experiencing the services firsthand. Be sure to check consumer complaints, comments on social media, reviews on social forums, testimonials on the company’s website, and ask your friends how they felt about the bar.


If the bar has a social media profile, be sure to check their presence online and go through their content and services. This is also a good way to keep track of ongoing offers and upcoming events at the place!


Why choose us?

When it comes to a fine blend of luxury and comfort without compromising on your budget specifications, Hotel Kiscol Grands is one of the best bars in Coimbatore! We ensure that our guests are satisfied with the quality of our service and our enthusiastic staff go the extra mile to ensure you’re satisfied – without expecting any tip! Our ambiance is top-notch and our starters and mocktails are well-reputed by our past guests! Furthermore, we take your comments seriously and modify our services as per the feedback we receive.


Be sure to drop by our hotel and in-house exclusive Hyyper bar for a fun-filled evening with friends! Or head over to our website to know more about our services and customizable packages – yes, you can curate your packages to suit your specific needs!


Where can I find low-budget luxury hotels in Coimbatore?

Most people tend to prioritize budget over all other things while planning a trip. If you are someone who is on a tight budget but wants to have a memorable time with your friends and family, you should book low-budget luxury hotels in Coimbatore. This way, you will get a fine blend of both comfort and luxury without compromising on your budget preferences. Read on to know where you can find the best hotels in Kovai and what sets them apart!

Prime location

One of the most important aspects you should keep in mind while booking luxury hotels is their location. If the hotel is located at a prime spot, you can easily commute to and from the hotel. Nobody will want to spend an extra hour in a stuffy cab after a long flight. So, if your hotel is close to the airport or railway station, you can easily save travel time and expenses.

Furthermore, if the venue is close to a shopping street or mall, you can conveniently drop by for last-minute purchases, souvenirs, gifts for your family and friends, and purchase items you have run out of or forgot to pack. It will be convenient for exploring tourism and tourist spots near the hotel as well!

Good amenities within your budget

Just because a hotel offers good services, does not mean it should be exorbitantly overpriced. It makes sense to find a hotel that offers a fine blend of services – services you require – but within your budget requirements. If you are a group of friends pooling money for a trip, be sure to find a place that matches all your requirements and preferences. If you are on a family pilgrimage with your parents, be sure to find a place that serves food from around the globe to suit everyone’s taste buds.

A hotel’s ambiance plays an important role in the quality of your stay. Does the receptionist eagerly show you a variety of rooms? Does the waiter remember your order and go the extra mile to cater to your preferences? Did the concierge take your luggage up to your room without expecting a tip? Take a note of all these, as they make a hotel stand out and they are the things you will remember about a hotel long after your stay is complete.

Variety of services – both luxury and comfort

As mentioned, a good hotel will have both luxuries as well as comfort services. If your priority is luxury services – like swimming pools, spas, pet-friendly services, buffet dinners, an in-house bar, exquisite fine dining, etc. – be sure to find low-budget luxury hotels in Coimbatore that have these services. On the other hand, if your preference is for comfort-enhancing services, look for laundry and ironing facilities, a 24-hour cafe, a multi-cuisine restaurant filled with all your favorite dishes, a travel desk with a tourism clerk, and so on.

Why choose Hotel Kiscol Grands for your next stay?

At Hotel Kiscol Grands, we offer a fine blend of comfort and luxury services without compromising on your budget preferences. We are known for our in-room dining, exclusive bar, and a multi-cuisine restaurant that offers a fine range of dishes from around the globe. Drop by for a fun-filled evening with your family and friends, or head over to our website to browse through our variety of services. Our packages are customizable and can be curated to suit your specific requirements without compromising on the quality of services or your budget. Contact our enthusiastic staff to know more and to book your next stay at our low-budget luxury hotels in Coimbatore.


Perfect restaurant in coimbatore for dine out

How to choose a perfect restaurant to dine out ? 

Dining out? We know finding a restaurant for dinner or lunch might be a bit of a hassle, especially if it’s with an important guest you cannot mess up. The step towards making a dine out successful lies in choosing a perfect restaurant for the occasion. For instance, you are meeting up to close an important business deal, if your potential business partner approves the food, restaurant and ambience you can consider the deal is half-closed. So, we are going to give you some tips and things to consider in choosing some of the best restaurants in Coimbatore. 


The location of the restaurant is one of the important factors to consider for dining. This also includes accessibility, and how far is it from your home and available means of transport. Also consider the locality of the restaurant, what’s around it and how easy it is to spot. If you are inviting a guest make sure it is accessible from where they hail from too. This way everyone’s happy.


Ambience plays a major part in setting a good first impression, as soon as you enter a restaurant and if you don’t like how, it looks you it might ruin the mood, so see before booking a table, see the look and feel of the restaurant and make sure it is up to your liking and overall hygiene is good. Many dine out places are sorted out because of the view they offer guests, for instance, you can go to a beach view, a mountain view, a rooftop with a sunset view, or near a historical spot. See if they play music or have live gigs. These will enhance your experience and make the visit memorable. 


The menu should be the primary concern since the important factor of dining is to enjoy the food offered. You can choose the restaurant based on the type of food you want to eat and what you want to try. There are different types of restaurants that offer different types of cuisine, and there are also various themed restaurants styled and served in their unique way depending on the theme of the restaurant. There are also restaurants dedicated to a single type of cuisine, which you can try. Not only the menu, but the tastes also matter too, be sure that the style of food served will be amenable for you.  Do your research and ask around your friends if they’ve already visited there and decided where you want to go. 


The food, ambience and other attributes matter only if the quality of service is solid. Quality of service at a restaurant can be judged by how well you are welcomed and treated by the staff there. Even the attitude of the staff in greeting, while taking an order and even the way they are dressed says a lot about the restaurant and type of training they give to their staff.  

So, while choosing a dine-out spot keep these points in mind, there are many restaurants in Coimbatore that fall under the category. On top of the above-said things, see to that restaurant has proper value for the money you are spending. If you have a go to restaurant which you most like and think others will like too, you can consider it for any of the important plans, so that you won’t have to break your head to find a good restaurant. You will also be comfortable going to a restaurant you are familiar with.  Also, if you are regular there, you would know all the staff there and the restaurant will make sure you are treated well.  Happy dining! Hope you enjoy your food. 


Where to book the best 4-star hotels in Coimbatore?

When it comes to choosing 4-star hotels in Coimbatore, there are several options you can choose from. Many hotels offer a variety of services at varied budgets and are located in different parts of Coimbatore. Depending on your preferences and itinerary, you can pick the ideal one to stay at. How do you pick good hotels when there is so much competition? Read on to find out.

Good services and hospitality

The mark of a good hotel is its hospitality and ambiance. This is what makes a hotel unique as its staff and the way they treat you cannot be found at other hotels. Be sure to check out which services are available and if they match your requirements. If you are someone who prefers luxury services, ensure that the hotel has a swimming pool, spa, buffet, and other facilities. If comfort is your priority, then ensure the place offers laundry and ironing services, a television in the room, pet-friendly services, and so on.

Budget-friendly options and prime location

Just because a hotel offers quality services, does not mean it has to be exorbitantly priced. This doesn’t mean that pocket-friendly hotels won’t serve their guests with good hospitality, multi-cuisine food, and top-class amenities. The best hotels provide a blend of services and different packages without compromising on your budget specifications.

Another aspect is the hotel’s location. It will be useful for you if the hotel is located in a prime spot. For starters, pick a hotel near the airport or railway station. This way, you can easily commute to and from the hotel while saving travel time and expenses. This will be good for your guests as well if you are hosting a banquet or board meeting. Furthermore, if the hotel is located near a shopping mall or shopping street, you can conveniently drop by for last-minute purchases or to buy supplies you forgot to pack.

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