Choose Best Star hotels in Coimbatore

How to Choose the Best Star Hotels in Coimbatore

Finally, going out on that friend’s trip you planned ages ago? Want to unwind from a tiring week at work by heading out of town with your family? Or planning a solo trip to find some peace from the bustling city? Whatever the case, choosing good star hotels in Coimbatore will be the best way to ensure your stay is a good and memorable one!

What’s more, if the hotel is a fine blend of affordable and luxurious, you will get more than your money’s worth which will accentuate your satisfaction! On the whole, read on to find out how you can find the best star hotels in Coimbatore and what sets them apart from other hotels.

Value for money

If you are on a budget trip, money will be the most important factor to consider while making bookings and reservations. On the other hand, even if you have a flexible budget, it feels good to get a variety of services at affordable prices. Cost-effective rates are welcome by all tourists and if you are planning a trip to Coimbatore, be on the lookout for hotels that offer affordable services without compromising on quality and luxury.

A variety of services

Be it a 24-hour cafe, travel desk available for tours you have planned, valet parking, concierge to help carry your bags to your room, multiple room options with different views and price ranges, or any other facility – these might seem like basic services but are actually what makes a hotel stand out from the crowd.

You will often not use the swimming pool, spa, or pet-friendly services the hotel offers. But you will remember the quality and variety of multi-cuisine food offered, laundry and ironing services, the proper television available in every room, good in-room dining options, the eager staff who took care of your every need, and so on. Be sure that the star hotels in Coimbatore you opt for have these facilities at reasonable rates.

Eager staff and good hospitality

Another key aspect you will always remember about a hotel is the eagerness of its staff and how well they responded to your requirements. While some staff merely deliver what services you asked for, others go the extra mile to ensure you are satisfied with what you received. Be it a concierge who held the door open for you without expecting a tip, a waiter who specifically kept your diet requirements in mind while preparing your dish, or a travel desk clerk who planned your itinerary keeping in mind your family’s preferences – every gesture matters!

Easy transport and check-in/check-out

Want to make your trip more convenient and reduce travel time? Pick a hotel close to the airport, railway station, or prime location. This way, you can easily reach your hotel after a long day of travel and easily plan your shopping trip or visit tourist spots with less travel time. On the whole, you can cut down transport costs as well as drop by a mall or shopping street for any last-minute requirements.


Easy check-in and check-out might seem like basic facilities, but only when you visit the hotel will you appreciate the value of convenience! Imagine visiting a hotel after a tiring day of travel and the check-in procedure is even more tiring and long-drawn! It would ruin your entire hotel experience and start your trip negatively. Hence, pick a hotel with good hospitality, pre-bookings, and a good concierge to handle your luggage.

Travel desk, Help desk, and good food

If traveling is a big part of your trip, be sure that you have an itinerary planned. If not, ensure that the hotel offers a quality travel desk to help plan your daily travel activities. This way, you can easily navigate your way through the city, have your transport fixed and charges are taken care of, and mainly, have a tour guide to ensure you don’t feel lost during the trip! Good star hotels in Coimbatore offer both a travel desk as well as a help desk to accentuate the quality of your stay.

On the other hand, if you are more into good food and trying a variety of cuisines, ensure that the hotel has a multi-cuisine restaurant. This way, if you are on a trip with a group of friends and you all have different tastes, you can all be satisfied. Apart from the restaurant, 24-hour cafe, and all-inclusive bar, be sure that the in-room dining menu is exquisite. This way, you can enjoy your favorite food from the comfort of your room.

Why is Kiscol Grands ideal for your next trip?

Be it good food, quality hospitality, or comfortable rooms with luxurious facilities – we ensure that every aspect of your overall trip is remarkable and memorable! Our staff is available at all times with a 24-hour help desk to cater to your every need. Our bar is packed with top-quality services and our multi-cuisine restaurant has every delicacy imaginable from around the globe.

Head over to our website today to check out our quality services and book your next stay at our star hotels in Coimbatore.


What is different about the best five-star hotels in Coimbatore for lunch?

Are you a foodie looking for the best five-star hotels in Coimbatore for lunch? We understand the importance of good food and the need to fuel your stamina to explore Coimbatore. Read on to know what makes hotels the best and what they are doing differently to satisfy their customers.

Good ambiance

The first most important factor that makes hotels stand out from the crowd is their ambiance. Even after you forget what food you tried at the hotel, you will remember the ambiance the hotel provided. Did the hotel have good lighting that made you feel at home the second you stepped in? Was the air conditioning adequate for yourself and your family? Did you enjoy the reception and staff service? Most importantly, did you enjoy the presentation of the food and portions you received? All this is what you will remember long after you have left Coimbatore after your trip.

Good value for money

Not only are hotels known for their delicious food, but their expertise is also accentuated by their value for money. Be it the presentation, portions served, the flavor of the food, or simply the ambiance and service – all these factors come into play to make a hotel a good one! If your trip is on a budget and you wish to make the most of your extra change to try authentic Coimbatore food, be sure to pick an affordable hotel. At the same time, ensure that they don’t compromise on flavor and quality.

Variety of cuisines

Top hotels have a variety of cuisines from around the globe that you can try. If you are heading out for lunch with family or friends and each of them has a different preference or craving, it helps to pick a multicuisine restaurant to get the best results! The highlight that makes a good hotel a great one is the authenticity of spices and ingredients used which gives it the complete flavor of the place it’s from. Want authentic Chinese food? Won’t you be twice as satisfied if it tastes like an actual hotel in China?!

Eager and helpful staff

Another aspect that makes top hotels stand out is their eager and friendly staff. Not only do they serve you well and guide you through their menu, but they also go the extra mile to make your experience a good one! On the whole, they are people who are dedicated to what they do and look forward to ensuring you have a great time. This ultimately makes your lunch an unforgettable experience and will make you recommend the hotel to your friends and family.

Why is Kiscol Grands the best lunch destination for you?

Hotel Kiscol Grands is one of the best five-star hotels in Coimbatore for lunch in terms of affordability as well as quality and good variety. Our main aim is to make your stay a comfortable one with the best food and prices. Our fine blend of comfort and luxury is what makes us stand out as one of the top hotels in Coimbatore.

Head over to our website to know more about our services and top-quality service. Book your stay with us and keep us in mind the next time you want to try a weekend buffet! Contact us to book your comfortable stay and know more about our packages and prices.


How to discover the best restaurants in Coimbatore?

Are you a foodie who is tired of frequenting the same hotels for your food cravings? Want to find a new place in Coimbatore to discover new food? Or are you someone with intense wanderlust who wishes to find the best restaurants in Coimbatore at the hotels you stay at? Whatever your purpose is, we got you covered! Read on to know what makes a restaurant a good one and what features to look out for!

Cuisine from around the world

It is always a good idea to find a restaurant that serves multiple cuisines from around the world. That way, if you’re heading out with friends and each of you is in the mood for a different dish, there is something for everyone! The same goes for restaurants that separate vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes for people who are sensitive to them.

A bonus that some restaurants provide is a live omelet or dosa station. Some hotels prepare the food fresh in front of you while you choose the toppings and customize it yourself. Without a doubt, this style of service along with buffet facilities always impress customers! The same goes for restaurants that have tea and coffee booths you can prepare your beverage at. A variety of fresh fruit juices you can serve yourself, a toaster to make your toast, and a choice of cornflakes you can prepare as per your liking are also a bonus.

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Customer reviews

One of the best ways to ensure a restaurant is of good quality and delivers what it promises is to be on the lookout for customer reviews. Check for testimonials on the company website, comments on social media, reviews on online forums, complaints on the Consumer Complaints Board, discussions on Quora, etc.

All these are firsthand indicators of a restaurant’s authenticity, quality of food, the standard of ambiance, staff, and service, etc. It will help you know honest reviews about a place and you can have a conversation with other people with tastes similar to yours. On the whole, the best restaurants in Coimbatore need not be 5-star hotels, but their reviews will often be 5-stars!


Another aspect to look out for is the cost. Are the dishes worth the price? Are the ambiance and staff service as per the standard of the hotel? How satisfied are the other customers? On the whole, just because a restaurant serves divine food from around the globe, does not mean you should empty your pockets when you step out after a meal!

Be sure the restaurant you visit serves the food you are craving in quantities that will suffice the gathering you are with. The quality of service and ambiance also count while considering the pricing. Be sure that your overall experience is a good one – be it the temperature of the restaurant, the presentation of food, variety in the menu, etc.

Staff and luxury facilities

Not everyone visits a restaurant exclusively for the food. If you are someone who also cares about the hotel and hopes to stay for a vacation after your meal, be sure that the hotel has the amenities you require. Some hotels offer luxury facilities to treat their customers. This could include a swimming pool, attached television in your room, spa or other ways of comfort, etc. If you are arriving with pets, be sure the hotel is pet-friendly and offers pet services. The best restaurants in Coimbatore have a variety of services apart from good food to ensure every aspect of your experience is good!

Why is Hotel Kiscol Grands ideal for you?

At Kiscol Grands, we aim to make your stay or meal – whatever you choose to experience with us – as memorable as possible! With a fine blend of comfort and luxury, we offer the best services and cuisines from around the world! Looking for a fun time with friends at a DJ Night or Karaoke Night event? Or looking for a delicious Weekend Buffet with scrumptious delicacies? No matter what you’re looking for, we can provide you with the best experience!

Head over to our website to browse through our services and book a reservation today! Contact us to book a table and know more about our menu!


Where can we find clean, well sanitized and safe hotels in Coimbatore amidst this Coronavirus situation?

Now that many Hotels in Coimbatore prioritize the health, safety, and security of the guests, team members, and business partners. But there are only a few who follow strict guidelines to ensure security. COVID-19 has changed the way we live, and we are changing our daily operations to fit inside the new normal. In response to this, hotels with a team of experts who have reviewed the existing health and safety processes and develop a new safety protocol. This in-depth sanitation and disinfection protocol were created in some of the hotels, in partnership with the government to ensure your security and peace of mind from check-in to check-out. In observation by many experts in hygiene and sanitisation, hotel Kiscol grands in Coimbatore has one of the best in class safety and hygiene scores.

Safety Protocols that have been followed

Face Covers and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

  • To help protect the health, protection and safety of our guests, team members, and visitors, we need the use of face covers in indoor common spaces in our hotel, pending local laws and guidelines. For those children below the age of two or anyone who has difficulty breathing, is unconscious, disabled, or otherwise inadequate to remove the mask externally assistance, face protection are not mandated.
  • The team members are mandated to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and with sanitisation.

Rapid COVID-19 testing for attendees who have higher temperatures.

To give ease and confidence to respond to face-to-face meetings and displays, we have originated onsite, rapid COVID-19 antigen testing for attendees. To provide this service, we engage with leading healthcare providers to make the option available in Coimbatore.

Mandatory protocols that are followed in Kiscol Grands

  • ✓ Please note that the use of protection is mandatory in the hotel’s common areas.
  • ✓ The temperature is taken at all guests and staff entrances. In the case of a fever, for the protection of all, guests will not be allowed to stay in the Rooms.
  • ✓ Room keys are sanitised daily.
  • ✓ The number of sanitation in the common spaces has increased.
  • ✓ Cleaning of rooms with guests inside is not allowed.
  • ✓ The covers of the rooms are cleaned with particular disinfectants.
  • ✓ The room freshening is maximized.
  • ✓ Breakfast that is served in the hotel and is prepared according to hygienic protocol.
  • ✓ All guests are provided with sanitisation gel in the common areas and rooms.
  • ✓ Methacrylate hindrances have been installed in the reception.
  • ✓ All guests and staff are required to uphold the minimum safety distance, marked at 2 meters.

With all safety precautions are followed in a disciplined and organized way, we can clearly say that hotel Kiscol Grands in Coimbatore is one of the safest hotels in Coimbatore to stay in an emergency situation.


Book your stay at the best four-star hotels in Coimbatore

There are several four-star hotels in Coimbatore that you can book your stay at. But when it comes to budget hotels, not all of them are as comfortable as they are cheap. It is not only important to know what amenities you are looking for in a hotel but also to ensure the hotel you choose offers those facilities. How do you go about choosing the right budget hotels for your trip and what amenities can you look for to enhance the quality of your trip? Read on to know more!

Good reception and concierge

Having a warm welcome at the reception and a good concierge who caters to your needs can greatly add to your hotel experience. After a long and tiring day of travel, having a greeting at the entrance and a concierge to attend to your luggage will act as a godsend. A good choice of rooms with a pleasant view of the city, a television in the room, and in-room dining facilities can enhance the quality of your stay manifold.

Luxurious amenities

The best part about budget hotels is you will get the same amenities as regular hotels but at a cheaper rate. Not just in terms of a good stay, even if you are looking for a wedding hall, party hall, or a business meeting room, look for a hotel that offers top-class amenities covering all your needs. Be it a spa or a swimming pool to enjoy with your friends, or a buffet and a television in the room to quiet time with family – make sure the hotel offers the amenities you are looking for. The best four-star hotels in Coimbatore offer a variety of amenities, so it is always a good idea to be clear in which ones you want.

Convenient tour facilities

It is natural to plan a trip with a travel itinerary in mind. Coimbatore is a populous city with lots of lush greenery and beautiful tourist spots to visit. But it is hard to navigate your way through a city you are new to, which gives rise to the need for a tourist guide. A hotel that arranges not only for a guide but also transport facilities is a bonus for visitors. It shows that the hotel doesn’t merely care about your experience inside it but also outside the hotel.

Basic facilities and attention to detail

It is often that we go on trips with family and are unimpressed by the lack of family-friendly services. Or had an unsatisfactory moment when we had to travel far for parking as the hotel didn’t have parking facilities. Or maybe you expected a vegetarian menu but the variety available was very limited. Or simply had to walk up a long flight of stairs as the hotel didn’t have a lift to navigate the floors. These might seem like minor details, but it’s the minor details that often create a major impact on our overall hotel experience.

Why Kiscol Grands?

At Hotel Kiscol Grands, we are reputed for our people-friendly services and variety of facilities to cater to any occasion. We pay attention to the details and ensure that even the tiniest aspects that could affect your stay are catered to. On the whole, our attentive staff and waiters genuinely care about your stay and travel experience to make sure your trip is a good one.

To book a stay at our top-class hotel and have a quality weekend, visit our website or call our staff. We cater to all your needs and ensure every detail is attended to. If not a stay, we offer entertainment activities to make your weekend one to remember! Be it a karaoke night with your friends, jamming to a fun-filled DJ night, or a chilled out weekend buffet with family – you say it, we have it! Book your weekend today!


What sets apart three-star hotels in Coimbatore?

Planning a trip with family or finally going on that friend’s weekend getaway to Coimbatore? Whatever the purpose of your trip, choosing the best three-star hotels in Coimbatore will add so much more to the quality of your trip. What sets three-star hotels apart and what criteria should you keep in mind while booking your stay at one? Read on to find out what sets apart three-star hotels and what they do differently to earn their ranking.

Easy check-in and check-out

Having a warm welcome at the reception and simplified check-in and check-out facilities will act as such a godsend after a hectic journey to the hotel. A concierge waiting to greet you at the entrance and collect your bags is also a very basic amenity but will greatly add to your overall experience. On the whole, it’s always the little things that make a world of difference to us, and having a hotel that keeps the details in mind will elevate the quality of your stay manifold. Apart from this, a diverse choice of rooms, a lift to easily reach your floor, or even a bellboy to carry your luggage can uplift your hotel experience.

Variety of food and luxury facilities

Are you a foodie who is traveling just to taste the flavors from around the globe at one place? Then finding the best three-star hotels in Coimbatore that are reputed for their delectable cuisines should be one of your top priorities. Be it an elaborate buffet or a casual in-room dining experience, be sure to know what you want and if the hotel is catering to your needs.

The same goes for luxury facilities. Just because the hotel is a budget hotel, does not mean you can compromise on the basic luxury amenities you will find in a regular hotel. For example: If you are a family traveling for leisure, you will expect to find a television in your room. Similarly, if you are a group of friends going on a weekend getaway, it is natural to want a swimming pool or spa facility in the hotel.

Comfort blended with luxury

The ideal hotel has a fine blend of comfort and luxury. This means that just because you are on a budget, you don’t miss out on luxurious amenities and enjoy your trip to the fullest. The best three-star hotels in Coimbatore offer parking, fine dining services, regular room cleaning, and laundry services, in-room dining, and a variety of other services. All these will add so much more to your stay if you get more than what you expected to receive.

This includes not only the experience inside the hotel but also outside. If you are planning a tour or a trip to visit the top tourist spots in Coimbatore, it is always a good idea to have a travel advisor. The next best option is to have a trip advisor facility at the hotel you are staying at which will cover your itinerary, transport, accommodation, and all other aspects of your trip. The best hotels don’t just care for you when you are staying in them, but also when you are traveling outside.

Why Kiscol Grands?

At Kiscol Grands, we deliver nothing but the highest standards of quality and service. Our cuisines at our exclusive restaurant serve the finest delicacies at affordable prices and our bar is packed with top-quality drinks. Starting from the moment you arrive at our reception to the moment you check out, we ensure that you have the best stay free of any issues. What’s more, we make sure that your expectations are met and our staff is always available to cater to your needs.

To book a stay at our three-star hotels in Coimbatore or just drop by for a lunch date, visit our website or contact our management.


What defines the best budget hotels in Coimbatore near Gandhipuram?

When it comes to planning a vacation with family, one often looks for budget hotels in Coimbatore to stay at. Not only are they comfortable and pocket-friendly, but they are also luxurious and offer a variety of amenities to make your stay comfortable. If you are planning a trip to Coimbatore and are looking for budget hotels in Coimbatore near Gandhipuram, read on to know what criteria to be on the lookout for.

Be sure of your ideal price range

Plan out your agenda and which places you will be spending during your trip. This will help you determine how much you can spend on food, travel, and accommodation. Always keep shopping for the last day of your trip so you can know exactly how much you can spend on luxury items.

By determining how much you can allocate for accommodation, you can choose budget hotels in Coimbatore near Gandhipuram that fit that price range without compromising on amenities and standard of service. The best part is you can spend a week at a budget hotel for the same price you would pay for two nights at a regular hotel. This is why choosing the exact price range for accommodation comes in handy.


By having a clear idea as to which tourist spots you will be visiting during your stay, you can choose a budget hotel nearby those places. It saves time and energy while traveling if your hotel is at a central location. Look for hotels near airports, malls, railway stations, or in the central part of populous cities.

Location becomes a key factor when you have last-minute or emergency needs. If your hotel is located at a prime spot, making urgent trips or purchases becomes more easily accessible. Apart from emergencies and fast transport, location also plays an important role in reaching popular sightseeing locations and tourist attractions.

Services and facilities

Ensure that just because your hotel is budget-friendly, it doesn’t compromise on the quality of service and facilities you can avail. From room service to welcoming at the registration desk, ensure that your standards of comfort or luxury are met at the hotel of your choice. If you are looking for a relaxing weekend full of spas, in-house laundry, swimming pools, fine dining, etc., be sure to pick a hotel with those amenities at an affordable price.

Does the budget hotel provide adequate dining and cleaning facilities? Does it provide free and fast Wi-Fi facilities? If you are planning for a family vacation and require a television in the room, or you are on a friend’s trip and need a restaurant with a variety of cuisines, does the hotel cater to your variety of requirements? Keep these factors in mind while booking your budget hotels in Coimbatore.

Customer ratings and reviews

The best way to know if a hotel is authentic and delivers what it promises is to check out past customer’s reviews and comments on social media and online forums. Stay on the lookout for complaints on the Consumer Complaints Board, look for reviews on travel or booking-oriented websites, be aware of comments on travel blogs – have a clear idea of what presence you have online.

Several customers check out a hotel’s social media pages and online presence before making a reservation or room booking. Be sure to check out the budget hotel’s activity online to know what customers before you feel about the services and ambiance of the place.

Why Kiscol Grands?

We provide affordable and budget-friendly services without compromising on quality and service standards. We believe in economic rates that go in perfect harmony with luxury and comfort. Our staff are eager and always available to cater to your needs, ensuring your stay is devoid of any complications or factors that will spoil your stay. We serve food from around the globe and your stay will be rich in variety and experience even if you are simply planning a weekend indoors.

Planning to visit Coimbatore with your friends and family for a leisurely stay? Trust Kiscol Grands to make your stay a comfortable, luxurious, and memorable one! Visit our website to know more about our packages, special weekly programs, and accommodation facilities or contact our reception staff who are available 24×7 to cater to your queries. On the whole, our amenities are curated to guarantee a comfortable stay for you which makes us one of the best budget hotels in Coimbatore near Gandhipuram.


Budget Hotels near Coimbatore International Airport

Which is the top budget Hotels near Coimbatore International Airport to stay?

Usually while choosing any accommodation, there are specific things you need to cross off on your list, before booking. One such thing is proximity to an International Airport. When you choose a hotel near the airport, this not only gives you easy access to the airport, but you will find restaurants, outlets and other stores, with the airport acting as a hotspot. Likewise, when it comes to Coimbatore, Hotel Kiscol Grands is located near Coimbatore airport and offers a safe, comfortable stay.

Situated at the Dr Rajendra Prasad Road on a prime spot, just a taxi ride away from the Coimbatore International Airport, Hotel Kiscol Grands is one of the best options available for you to choose from. Stands to provide you with a comfortable stay and the best experience as any 4- star should.


As said earlier, International airports act as a key spot connecting all major routes and places, so if you are for a business conference or a meet, you can bet that the conference hall will be near the airport, so you would not have to travel so long from your hotel to the business hall.

Affordable rates

Comparatively, hotels near the airport are considerably less expensive than the hotels inside the city. So you can spend less on travel and also on accommodation for the entire trip. If you don’t want to spend all your money on travel and cab fares, choose accommodation near the airport.


The area near the airport, Hotels are located at a spot to provide excellent connectivity to other landmarks and tourist spots, so if you are going on a trip or to any local festival, you can save money from taxi rides by opting to stay at hotels near Coimbatore. The same goes for your energy and to time, you don’t want to spend half of your time on a taxi and deplete your energy level without enjoying yourself.

Easy returns 

After a long flight journey, the last thing you need is another trip to your hotel, so choosing a hotel near the airport aids in a comfortable and hassle-free overall trip. The same goes if you are boarding an early morning or a late-night flight, you can reach earlier and not miss the flight. Travelling can take up your time and sometimes returning to hotels after a long can be of a hassle if the distance is more. And you don’t have to leave 2 hours before to reach a destination, which might be inconvenient and drains you down.


Hotels near the airport have public transport and taxis would be waiting outside or near hotels. Also if you want to travel by train the train can whisk you away and move around the city in 30 mins best for tourists. For instance hotels near Coimbatore, including Hotel Kiscol Grands provides you accessibility to all major points and spots. So staying near the hotel is obviously a more convenient and smart choice.

These are some of the benefits of staying at a hotel near the Airport when considering the hotels in Coimbatore. Considering Hotel Kiscol Grands, you can witness the best premium services, deluxe suits and complementary foods to make your stay comfortable. Comparatively, Kiscol Grands provide affordable stays in Coimbatore. With a 24/7 Check-in/Check out facility and added amenities, you can experience hearty satisfaction every time you visit. Be you are a traveller or a regular visitor to Coimbatore, make your visit to Hotel Kiscol Grands and take your joy of vacation to the next level.

Banquet halls

5 things to remember before booking a banquet hall

Banquet halls have made a recovery in the wedding industry with luxurious and inspiring décor that proposes to leave the guests in the trance of its beauty. A big vast hall for your D Day not only ensures an extraordinary wedding indoors but also takes care of the uncertain weather issues. With provisions for interior warming in winters and air conditioning during the summertime, banquet halls are the safest choices for your wedding day celebration.

All banquet hall has the necessary plan to conduct any event but only few banquet halls are suitable for a grand celebration like a wedding. Perfect banquet halls not only provide the extravagant look and feel for a perfect marriage function but also have all the basic arrangements at hand to see through your most joyous celebration to its end. Here are the five things to look at before choosing a banquet hall.

  1. Hall Capacity

The first thing to consider when you surf for a banquet hall or event venue is its overall capacity. How many guests can it comfortably accommodate and enjoy the event?

The size of the venue you pick will have a sure impact on the proceedings of your event. If you choose a room that is too smaller than the audience capacity, your guests are going to feel crushed and uncomfortable so they leave as soon as they arrive.

On the other way, if you book a hall that is so big that it overshadows your party, your guests will feel ill at peace.

Consider your list of guests and the approximate number of people who will be attending the event. Select the hall that best suits the size of your party so that your guts enjoys the party.

Don’t forget, larger halls can always be sized down to accommodate smaller groups with the proper use of furnishings and decorations.

  1. Interior of the hall

The theme selection of your event is the most significant; to settle on the perfect ambience that you want to create. The wedding themes could be fabulous, conference halls in Coimbatore fusion, rustic or gorgeous so the conference hall you go for should have the capacity to surrender you the desired theme. Vast halls with beautiful decoration and look can change an ordinary wedding celebration into a rich and royal ceremonial celebration. Luxury halls are capable of producing an almost fantasy-like world for you to step into the new stage of your life.

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  1. Service they offer

Looking for Wedding makeup, Mehndi and other Ceremonial rites?

Brides can avail the most suitable makeup and tattoo artist services that are attached to wedding venues. A professional cameraman and videographer can be hired to capture candid moments. Entertaining stuff adds more attention to the event.

So, why not organise a dance or singing show.

Wow your guests by magnifying the entertainment outcome with these inclusions;

  • Photo arena: Photo Booths are trending these days because everyone wants to share their cool photos on social media. Use external photo accessories, so the photographer gets some astonishing shots.
  • Magic program: Magicians can overwhelm the guests with special card tricks.
  • Dancers: Indian folk dancers performing their moves which are popular these days. An Indian wedding theme with folk dancers performance is a treat to watch for the audience and it is overwhelmingly entertaining.
  • Tattoo corner: Just like folk dance, Tattoos are cool fashionable elements of events. Small girls and kids love to have tattoo designs on their hands.
  • Drinks Corner: The wedding is evening is a celebration. Guests love to chill and have fun on the music beats with some cocktail shots. A distinctive dedicated cocktail corner will just justify the purpose.

Choosing a Banquet hall make sure that your guests remain engaged with full-on entertainment. Ask the amenities for customizing wedding packages that include entertainment features. Put a beat on the ideas and start developing them to get the most suitable one. So start preparing and list the most suitable Hall before it is too late.

  1. Location of your event

The most important thing to consider is the event’s location. Now, you may find some good venues located on the outer border of the town. They may be well-equipped with all the requirement, and available at the best price. But before you proceed and book that venue, think about your guests.

Is the location of the event is so far out of the city that it may prevent your guests from attending the event? Is the hall too hard to find, or is it soo close to the house your guests might prefer to avoid?

Even when the cost is right, an out of way event hall isn’t necessarily a good value. Look for a location that is midway located, with plenty of access like bus, train, metro etc so that your gust can visit the party and go home safely

  1. Costs of your hall

Finally, there is a Budget to consider. The major consideration here is to hit the best balance between the price of the booking and what the hall has to offer. A low-cost and budget venue in the outer city endeavouring little in the way of amenities is no bargain. Examine your needs and the convenience of your guests and stability against the cost of booking the venue.

If you are looking for the best event or meeting halls in Coimbatore with all the above features, in the centre of the town and also an affordable cost there is no better option than the hotel Kiscol Grands banquet hall.


Benefits of staying in luxury hotels in Coimbatore

Whether you are heading for a business trip or simply on a vacation to Coimbatore, finding a luxury hotel comes with its experience of perks. After all, it can take your travel experience to an all new height. There is never a shortage of luxury hotels in Coimbatore, but finding one that provides to your personal requirements precisely and offers you the luxurious indulgence you deserve can be a task.

Here are a few advantages of staying in a Luxury hotel in Coimbatore and what you should be on the lookout for if you wish to have a comfortable and memorable time during your voyage.

Charming Rooms

Many leisure hotels have stunning rooms. They can occasionally be designed a specific way so they remind you of a location or a certain sort, perhaps. Rooms in luxury hotels are usually quite hard to leave, as they can be very distinctive. The beds you’ll find in luxury hotels tend to be the most pleasurable and comfortable one. You may find it hard to get out of bed as they’re so comfortable and the pillows seem to mould around your head.

The amenities

These luxury hotels come with a ton of amenities. This can include a large, flat-screen TV in the rooms, robes, slippers, high-quality toiletries, free Wi-Fi, and coffee machines among other things. While modern designs and elegantly decorated spaces can be seen everywhere you look, you also have access to pools, luxury spas, and gyms, so that you can de-stress after a long fatigue day at work or traveling.

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Grand restaurant and bar

A good luxury hotel provides an excellent bar and an even better in-house restaurant that offers you a delightful mixture of culinary expertise. The foods served should always be high in class, taste, and experience, and you should be certain that you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing from a wide array of dishes and drinks. A good leisure hotel always pays special importance to its restaurant and bar.


The top hotels are known for their excellent chefs, and the diverse menus that they offer. If you want to experience the best cuisine in an excellent atmosphere, then booking a room in a top hotel is your first step. The amazing thing is that if you’re really tired, you can order room service, and enjoy this exceptional food while lying in your bed, and enjoying a fine movie. The breakfast buffets are to die for, and every kind of variety of food that you could ever hope for, is right there in front of you. Inviting your business client to such a restaurant is a sure-fire way to overwhelm them. These star hotels in Coimbatore follow all government safety regulations, to make sure that your visit is a safe and unforgettable one


Safety is the most significant aspect while booking any hotel whether luxury, average, or mid-range. Between big size collateral boxes, security cameras, and guards, there is no other way you can feel safe in a luxury hotel. Moreover, 24-hour front desk service assures full safety


A dedicate and fast janitor service is also an essential facet of a luxury hotel. This assures that all your bookings regarding tours, restaurants, places to travel, and other suggestions are sorted. This helps make your stay effortless and seamless.

These are just some benefits of a good luxury hotel in Coimbatore. All in all, you can know for a fact that when you book the best hotel, you are sure to gain access to these highlights and more.


Who in the world does not like to be pampered? We all love the heart touching greetings and extra attention plus the clean-scented atmosphere of our rooms and the living area of hotels. However, we often have the mindset that luxury hotels are very hard on the pocket. But, with great deals and offers; you can experience a luxurious living at a cost-effective budget. Travelling to Coimbatore? Check out the Hotel Kiscol Grands in Coimbatore that is the perfect example of luxury in the lap of nature. Enjoy a stay with utmost sumptuousness and discover recharging to a different level.