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How To Select The Perfect Hotel For Your Next Trip?

Winter is here, and all of us will get a vacation to spend some quality time with our loved ones. Are you thinking of taking some time off this winter and want to organize a vacation for your loved ones this winter? 

You will need to consider various things when the concern is about successfully planning your trip. One of the most important things you have to consider while planning your next vacation is finding the best hotel for your stay. Finding the best hotels in Coimbatore is a challenging task. After all, you will have to consider a lot of factors before making your final decision. 

In this blog, we will discuss some of the best factors that will help you find the perfect hotel for your next trip to Coimbatore. 

So, let’s quickly get started with the blog!

Significance of selecting the right accommodation on your next trip to Coimbatore

When the concern is finding the right hotel or accommodation in Coimbatore, you will have to consider various factors like the hotel’s location, distance from nearest public transport, good food, and pleasant ambiance. 

At the same time, the hotel you select will play a make-or-break role in the overall trip effectively. When you know about all the necessary factors, you have to consider when the concern is about finding the best hotel for your stay in Coimbatore. 

So, if you want to select the best hotel for your stay in Coimbatore, you will have to consider a wide range of factors, and here are some of the best factors you can consider to find the best hotel in Coimbatore. 

1: Selecting the hotel based on your location

The first and most important thing you will have to decide is when you have to finalize your location, as it will further help you in selecting the right hotel effectively. You first find out whether you are touring internationally or within your own country to ensure that you can find the right hotel during your trip. 

The destination of the trip is quite essential when the concern is about finding the right hotel. There is a diversity of hotel availability within a tiny location therefore you have to find the one that fits your budget and taste. For example, if you are visiting a prohibited zone for adventure then there might be rare hotels and when you are visiting a big city you can find various hotels and accommodation options to choose. 

2: Budget

Where you stay while traveling is greatly influenced by your travel budget. The overall amount of money which you are ready to spend on your next vacation will also play a crucial role in selecting the right hotel within your budget. So, how much amount of money are you ready to spend and feel secure and easy to get satisfied with ease. If you are planning to stay for a longer period of time then you can actually rent an apartment when compared to staying in a hotel as it can help you in saving a big chunk of money. 

3: Travel when there is no season

We all love to plan holidays during christmas, easter or during mid-year as it is considered as one of the best times to spend time with our loved ones. The overall cost of your trip will increase if you have decided to travel during season time.A common mistake that most travelers make is they travel during vacation when all the hotels are booked, and therefore, the prices of even average hotels increase. If you enjoy traveling within budget, try to avoid traveling during the season time. 

4: Focus on your eating habits while booking a hotel

Food will also play a crucial role when you are traveling. If you are not someone who loves to enjoy fried food or you simply don’t want to eat out then you can try to stay in hostels as they have communal kitchens where you can prepare your own food quite easily. 

Selecting an apartment is also an ideal option as you can prepare your own food and there is also no need to eat a lot of junk and save a lot of money effectively. You can also eat out in restaurants that offer good food or food with less oil that fits your budget. 

Kiscol Grands The Best Three-Star Hotel In Coimbatore

If you are looking for a luxurious three-star hotel in Coimbatore, you have to look no further than Kiscol Grands. They are located in the heart of the city and offer some top features, from airport pick and drop to the best food. They also have various other facilities that will make your stay pleasant in Coimbatore.

Banquet halls Booking a hotels

Get to know the best hotels in Coimbatore Gandhipuram

When visiting a new location, lodging costs are frequently incurred, which could push up your prices. Also, hotel rooms can cost quite a bit of money if you dislike sleeping on a sofa or in a hostel. Yes, hotels and resorts have their unique set of comforts, but we frequently have to pay more money to enjoy these. The range and cost of a hotel increase with its quality and amenities. You don’t always have to spend a lot of money on hotel reservations.  Choosing the best hotels in Coimbatore Gandhipuram will give you a memorable vacation.

Understand what matters most to you.

When you don’t know what you want from a hotel, how can you choose the right one? Prior to looking for lodging, make a quick list of everything you will need for a comfortable night’s sleep. Contains breakfast? Do you feel more comfortable in a smaller, more intimate atmosphere where the staff will remember your name? Do you have the funds to purchase anything opulent? Do you favor the opulent interior decor, the formal settings, or the antique furniture? Simply said, start by thinking about what you want in terms of budget, typical hotel features, and location. From there, you can research things like a location’s history, environmental legislation, and personality, like its “party feel” or “romantic setting.”

Learn about the holy grail of comforts.

In the same spirit, there are four amenities that you should confirm a hotel has before your stay, as they are the issues that are frequently brought up on review websites. Parking, WiFi, air conditioning, and breakfast are among them. Additionally, you must constantly confirm whether there are any additional costs associated with these amenities. You don’t want to arrive at the hotel under the impression that Wi-Fi is cost-free and subsequently learn otherwise. If you’re still unsure, check out the reviews for more information and, if required, get in touch with the hotel by phone or email.

Elements to consider before booking the hotel 

Check out the hotel’s website

It is always the best idea to check out the hotel’s review now and then before booking your room in that particular hotel. By doing that so you might come to know more information and details about the hotel’s pros and cons. It is a good idea to double-check the hotel’s own website. Directly contacting a hotel isn’t a bad idea either. 

Determine a hotel’s exact location by looking at a map

Location is the most crucial thing to consider when you are planning for the best stay in a hotel. The most convenient locations are where you’ll find Coimbatore Gandhipuram’s top hotels. When hotels are close to airports, train stations, or popular tourist destinations, it will be considerably simpler for travelers to make a reservation. Therefore, before moving on, find out the hotel’s most up-to-date and precise location.

Make reservations in advance during the busiest seasons.

Additionally, you should reserve a room in advance if you only travel during the busiest holiday season. Even while last-minute booking works during the off-season, rates typically increase during the busy season. Once you decide where you’re going, make sure you book a room as soon as possible.

Stay on weekdays rather than the weekend.

The high demand makes weekend stays generally more pricey. You will surely save money by booking a stay during the week as opposed to the weekend if you can. If not, start making hotel reservations on Thursday. Many hotels will give you one night free if you book two or three nights with them.

Choosing to stay in a family room or additional bedding

Booking a larger room that accommodates four to five people in one space will save you money if you and your traveling companions are more than two. If you reserve one of the connected rooms offered by some hotels, you might be eligible for a discount. If there are three adults, you can reserve an additional bed in the same room, which works out to be less expensive than reserving a different room.


The frightening pandemic ramifications have made hygiene the most important value in modern life.

Therefore, excellent hotels go above and above to ensure that the rooms are tidy and clean. More visitors stay in rooms that are clean. For better prevention, the staff workers ought to periodically sweep the grounds and sanitize them.
Given the variety of possibilities, picking the top hotels in Coimbatore Gandhipuram can be easy. You may use these elements to compare the possibilities and ensure that you find the best hotels for your needs and price range. This can guarantee that holidays are more valuable.

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How To Plan A Perfect Wedding Reception in Coimbatore?

There are few things in life that occur only once, like a wedding or first love; therefore, it is necessary for you to ensure that everything is picture-perfect. 

As the old saying says, you must live a life that you remember; the same chapter also implies your wedding reception. From finding the best hotels for a wedding reception in Coimbatore to finding the right event organizer and chef, you have a lot of things to successfully complete a wedding reception. 

In this blog, we will help you in planning a perfect wedding reception in Coimbatore and how it can make all your guests remember everything. 

So, let’s quickly get started with the content!

1: Plan based on your personality:

No two couples are the same. Similarly, no two wedding receptions can be the same. The first thing you have to consider when planning for a wedding reception is to come out of the mindset where you feel one-size-fits-all. Irrespective of whether you want a couple to dance or you want a full-style glamorous wedding, you have to focus on doing something unique. You have to discuss it with your wedding planner.

2: Keeping your guest in their comfort zone:

One of the most important things you have to consider when planning your wedding reception effectively. You have to focus on keeping your guests comfortable in every part of the event. Some of the common things you have to focus on are mentioned below, 

  • Seating: You will undoubtedly want everyone on the dance floor during your reception, yet you cannot forget about the seating arrangements. You have to focus on creating seating arrangements that are super comfortable, as your guests will spend most of their time. 
  • Temperature: Whether you are hosting a wedding reception or want to focus on the hall’s temperature, it should not be too cold, or it can affect the overall joy and happiness of the event. You can also include refreshments like cold drinks and snacks effectively.
  • Facilities: There should also be various facilities like a washroom and easy parking near the ceremony hall to make your reception a perfect event. 

3: Selecting the right venue:

Well, there is no doubt that you have to select the best venue for a wedding reception in Coimbatore. Suppose you are looking for the best wedding halls in Coimbatore. In that case, you can go with Kiscol Grands as they offer a wide range of amenities like a good food bar counter, are nearest to the airport, and are located in the heart of the city, making it the perfect venue for your wedding reception. 

4: Focus on Hiring a good DJ:

Your wedding reception is incomplete without hiring a good DJ who has the potential to hit the play. A good DJ will make everyone get up from their seats and rock and roll to their beats. So, if you want to make your wedding reception a bang, you have to focus on hiring the best DJ in Coimbatore. You have to do it early as there will also be different weddings in the city, so you have to book the best DJ before someone else books your DJ. 

Why Choose Kiscol Grands For Wedding Reception in Coimbatore?

Kiscol Grands is the leading hotel chain in Coimbatore which makes it the best place to host receptions in Coimbatore. They can help you host a marvelous wedding reception in Coimbatore and help you make the most of your event. So, what are you waiting for? Book your venue before the events are filling effectively. 

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Banquet Halls in Coimbatore For Your Next Big Event

Organizing an event is a challenging task as you have to focus on a wide range of factors, from mouth-watering food to amenities that will make your event a complete success. On the other hand, you have to also focus on the subsequent amenities. If you are hosting a corporate event, it isn’t easy to plan your event as it will help you create an event that impacts your audience. 

If you are looking for some of the finest party halls in Coimbatore, look no further than Kiscol Grands, who offer the best meeting halls in Coimbatore and all the facilities to make your event awesome. 

In this blog, we will discuss some of the best features that you can experience within conference halls in Coimbatore when you book Kiscol Grands. 

Smart Board or a Projection Screen:

The first and foremost thing you will need while booking a conference hall or party hall in Coimbatore is the room must have a projector or a smart board on which you can share vital details or a PowerPoint presentation. Nowadays, you will find a lot of advanced projector screens with a multiple touch system and intuitive UI or User Interface, which will also make you confident to explain your project to your team members. One of the best advantages of having a smart projector within your room is that you can also improve the interaction rate with your participants, which will also contribute to the session. 


Well, it is quite difficult to host a corporate event without Wi-Fi, so if the projector is smart, the room must have high-speed internet or Wi-Fi connection which you can use for downloading files or hosting a live youtube video during the corporate meeting or event. 

Excellent Audio Equipment:

Once you know that your ideal conference room has a smart projector with a good internet speed, you will also need excellent audio equipment to help you share your opinions, vision, or thoughts with your entire team. Apart from that, the meeting hall should also have a good speaker accompanied by a microphone which will ensure that your entire meeting has no lag in team communication. All in all, the communication systems must be at a good high or else it is quite difficult to host a smooth event, irrespective of whether it is a corporate event or a birthday bash. 

Comfortable Seating Arrangement:

When the concern is about hosting an event, you will need a sufficient amount of seating arrangement to ensure that all your attendees can enjoy themselves as well as not feel discomfort. The basic facility of a corporate event is to have a classy chair and table on which you and your colleagues can work efficiently. You can also book a conference hall or banquet room with a U-shape setup or school-type seating, as it will enhance the overall ambience and the conference within your room. 

The location must be accessible:

If you are hosting an event in Coimbatore, you must ensure that the location is accessible. If that’s the case, Kiscol Grands is the best hotel for you to book a conference hall or a meeting room as they are located in the heart of the city near Gandhi hospital. The location is easily accessible. They also have a lot of facilities accompanied by delicious food, which will ensure that you don’t have to worry about the event. 

They are also offering amazing discounts on these festival events, therefore, you must book a hall right now to ensure you can complete your booking at the best prices.

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Rooms for rent in Coimbatore near airport

The Comprehensive Guide for Rooms for Rent in Coimbatore near Airport 

From Roadside motels to luxury business suites, there are different types of hotel rooms available. As a traveler, your best option would be rooms for rent in Coimbatore near Airport. 

You can choose the ideal hotel room for your accommodation needs by considering the size, style, and availability of services. The chosen hotel room should fit your unique needs. 

We take a deep dive into the different types of hotel rooms that you can rent near the airport and how to choose the best one. 

Different types of hotel rooms 

Superior Rooms 

These are standard hotels rooms designed with budget-conscious travelers in mind. The room primarily focuses on fulfilling your needs in a minimalistic way. The room offers a separate bedroom and bath for guests, along with a dedicated study space. Most hotel brands provide these rooms to maximize the usage of space in a smart way. 

Deluxe Rooms 

Deluxe Rooms are higher in order than standard rooms in terms of price and size. They feature a beautiful room with soft, comfy beds. You also get a bathtub and shower in the bathroom. Deluxe rooms boast high-end amenities desirable for travelers willing to pay a little extra. 

Junior Suite Rooms 

Suite Rooms in Hotels are defined by neatly separated spaces that maximize comfort and usability. Junior Suite Rooms are located near the airport with two-way transport facilities. You will get a living space with various amenities. Some suite rooms also feature a separate kitchen to help guests with their needs. 

Executive Suite Rooms 

Executive Suite Rooms are known to be the most impressive of all hotel room types. These are also the most expensive hotel rooms available for guests. You get an overwhelming range of luxury amenities and features in these rooms. These rooms are crafted to provide you with top-notch comfort and ambiance. 

Why Prefer Rooms near the Airport? 

The best rooms for rent in Coimbatore near the airport are the perfect choice to make your trip more delightful and convenient. There is no need to face the hassles of a long flight when you book rooms near the airport. Some hotel brands even offer shuttle bus facilities to help guests travel around the city. 

You can choose the best hotel rooms near the airport for your travels by keeping in mind the above-cited parameters. Making informed decisions will help you save money and have the best possible holiday trip. 


Banquet halls

5 things to remember before booking a banquet hall

Banquet halls have made a recovery in the wedding industry with luxurious and inspiring décor that proposes to leave the guests in the trance of its beauty. A big vast hall for your D Day not only ensures an extraordinary wedding indoors but also takes care of the uncertain weather issues. With provisions for interior warming in winters and air conditioning during the summertime, banquet halls are the safest choices for your wedding day celebration.

All banquet hall has the necessary plan to conduct any event but only few banquet halls are suitable for a grand celebration like a wedding. Perfect banquet halls not only provide the extravagant look and feel for a perfect marriage function but also have all the basic arrangements at hand to see through your most joyous celebration to its end. Here are the five things to look at before choosing a banquet hall.

  1. Hall Capacity

The first thing to consider when you surf for a banquet hall or event venue is its overall capacity. How many guests can it comfortably accommodate and enjoy the event?

The size of the venue you pick will have a sure impact on the proceedings of your event. If you choose a room that is too smaller than the audience capacity, your guests are going to feel crushed and uncomfortable so they leave as soon as they arrive.

On the other way, if you book a hall that is so big that it overshadows your party, your guests will feel ill at peace.

Consider your list of guests and the approximate number of people who will be attending the event. Select the hall that best suits the size of your party so that your guts enjoys the party.

Don’t forget, larger halls can always be sized down to accommodate smaller groups with the proper use of furnishings and decorations.

  1. Interior of the hall

The theme selection of your event is the most significant; to settle on the perfect ambience that you want to create. The wedding themes could be fabulous, conference halls in Coimbatore fusion, rustic or gorgeous so the conference hall you go for should have the capacity to surrender you the desired theme. Vast halls with beautiful decoration and look can change an ordinary wedding celebration into a rich and royal ceremonial celebration. Luxury halls are capable of producing an almost fantasy-like world for you to step into the new stage of your life.

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  1. Service they offer

Looking for Wedding makeup, Mehndi and other Ceremonial rites?

Brides can avail the most suitable makeup and tattoo artist services that are attached to wedding venues. A professional cameraman and videographer can be hired to capture candid moments. Entertaining stuff adds more attention to the event.

So, why not organise a dance or singing show.

Wow your guests by magnifying the entertainment outcome with these inclusions;

  • Photo arena: Photo Booths are trending these days because everyone wants to share their cool photos on social media. Use external photo accessories, so the photographer gets some astonishing shots.
  • Magic program: Magicians can overwhelm the guests with special card tricks.
  • Dancers: Indian folk dancers performing their moves which are popular these days. An Indian wedding theme with folk dancers performance is a treat to watch for the audience and it is overwhelmingly entertaining.
  • Tattoo corner: Just like folk dance, Tattoos are cool fashionable elements of events. Small girls and kids love to have tattoo designs on their hands.
  • Drinks Corner: The wedding is evening is a celebration. Guests love to chill and have fun on the music beats with some cocktail shots. A distinctive dedicated cocktail corner will just justify the purpose.

Choosing a Banquet hall make sure that your guests remain engaged with full-on entertainment. Ask the amenities for customizing wedding packages that include entertainment features. Put a beat on the ideas and start developing them to get the most suitable one. So start preparing and list the most suitable Hall before it is too late.

  1. Location of your event

The most important thing to consider is the event’s location. Now, you may find some good venues located on the outer border of the town. They may be well-equipped with all the requirement, and available at the best price. But before you proceed and book that venue, think about your guests.

Is the location of the event is so far out of the city that it may prevent your guests from attending the event? Is the hall too hard to find, or is it soo close to the house your guests might prefer to avoid?

Even when the cost is right, an out of way event hall isn’t necessarily a good value. Look for a location that is midway located, with plenty of access like bus, train, metro etc so that your gust can visit the party and go home safely

  1. Costs of your hall

Finally, there is a Budget to consider. The major consideration here is to hit the best balance between the price of the booking and what the hall has to offer. A low-cost and budget venue in the outer city endeavouring little in the way of amenities is no bargain. Examine your needs and the convenience of your guests and stability against the cost of booking the venue.

If you are looking for the best event or meeting halls in Coimbatore with all the above features, in the centre of the town and also an affordable cost there is no better option than the hotel Kiscol Grands banquet hall.

Banquet halls

Wedding reception halls in Coimbatore | Kiscol grands Wedding Halls

Wedding is the most joyful day in a person’s life. With all the pomp and show of the day, you would want to relive the day again. But, what it carries is a long time of stressful period! If you ask anybody who organizes the marriage or the following reception you will know the pain behind the happiness.

Be it any celebration, like a marriage or party what do you require in the first place? You would look for a marriage hall or reception hall which will satisfy all the criteria. How do you choose a banquet hall of your wish? Kiscol Grands, the best hotel in Coimbatore is here to solve all your queries.

Coimbatore is a beautiful place to conduct a marriage. Where you are blessed with top-notch hotels and marriage and reception halls.  Here are a few things you should take care while choosing marriage or reception halls.

The number of people.

You can never know the exact amount of people coming to a wedding reception. Kiscol grands offer you the best wedding reception hall where you can sit back and relax as it has an arrangement in such a way that if the number of guests is more in number or less, the hall can look just perfect.  However, you need to be sure about the number of guests to inform the hotel authority.

Location and time.

We can’t anticipate that all the visitors should show up at the setting before the specified time. A few functions like a birthday don’t require the guests to arrive beforehand. In this way, the setting ought to be open for each visitor showing up for the function. We can comprehend that the area can’t be consistently close to the railroad station or air terminal. On the off chance that that is the situation, pick a lodging or corridor which is situated in the focal point of the town it is the most famous. This is because, for a wedding or reception, guests cannot loiter around for the correct location. After all, time is very important.

Interior designs matter!

You can’t pick a marriage or reception hall which has the bluntest insides. For a brilliant capacity, to light up everybody’s day, pick the best corridor with great style. One thing you need to do before you book a corridor is to check the inn’s site and their previous occasions and capacities orchestrated. Check if they have a legitimate feeling of inside beautification. Besides, inquire as to whether they have a master plan for inside enhancement or you need to do it. For a wedding reception, you cannot make it dull. It is the time of the day where you have to enjoy!

Courtesies to be advertised!

Continuously make sure to enquire the meal in-control concerning the administrations offered in the dinner lobby. Sound/video framework, show, wifi, mic, and above all the seats of required and additional sum, tables as well whenever required are to be given by the inn. Space course of action will likewise be enquired. This is because as you know, weddings and receptions are now full of live music and band.


Going to the most significant part of the cost the wedding reception halls in Coimbatore, consistently keep your spending prepared. You can arrange the expense with the people associated with the halls.  Continuously plan before you book the wedding reception hall in Coimbatore and inform ahead of time concerning the spending plan. Likewise, if conceivable it is in every case better to come and view the hall before you make any progression.

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These are the couple of steps to follow before you pick a wedding reception hall in coimbatore. Presently, kiscol grands furnish you with the best help and best experience like no different inns can give you. It is imperative to have consumer loyalty and Kiscol Grands can furnish you with all the administrations you need because our essential objective is the satisfaction of our visitors. Come and visit us. To book the halls before it gets past the point of no return, compassionately allude to the site. We are prepared to expand our administrations whenever you require.

Banquet halls

How do I choose a Banquet Hall for Wedding?

In these dreadful times of a pandemic, one should be careful before organizing any event. Imagine someone who takes care of things just like the way you want to make it happen. Kiscol Grands, located in Coimbatore provides you with every requirement and conduct every event just like the way you want it to ensue.

Kiscol Grands, one of the best rated in TripAdvisor has the best banquet halls in Coimbatore with affordable price. To make your occasions the most memorable, here is Kiscol banquet halls.

Marriages must be a great deal for you and your loved one. It is the most special day of everyone’s life which happens once in your lifetime. Hence, everybody tries to make their wedding as unforgetful as they want it to. Some wishes for destination weddings, some may choose the traditional way and so many others opt for banquet halls, which is the best option if everything is taken care of perfectly.

Especially, in the current scenario, it is not possible to conduct a destination wedding and it is smart and safe to choose a banquet hall for your marriage. Before you choose the banquet hall for your special day you need to take care of a lot of aspects, which Kiscol promises to provide you with. Kiscol never settles for anything less and always keeps their valuable customers in mind.

Kiscol Grand is located in the city easily reachable by the guests coming from out of the state. Also, the budget which should be primarily taken care of is the primary concern of the hotel. The banquet halls are affordable. Banquet Halls & Conference Rooms in Hotel Kiscol Grands is devoted to providing the customers with a supreme banquet experience. With a facility designed to accommodate up to 600 people, our elegant rooms are perfect for a weddings.

It is always better to ask people before you book a hall. It is always the best to conduct a  rough research on the banquet halls before you book. This is exactly the other reason to book Kiscol Grand. None of our customers were left unhappy. Even if you conduct the thorough research, we are confident enough that one will end up in choosing Kiscol Grand, the best banquet and marriage hall in Coimbatore.

The requirements of the wedding are usually the duty of the wedding team. But, Kiscol Grand is well known for its hospitality and assure to make your wedding a stress- free job. Before you book the hall, a list of requirements could be mentioned and great care will be given to these requirements.

When it comes to a wedding, the first thing other that the bride and groom that is given importance is the food. Kiscol Grand takes pride in chefs who expertise in presenting creative, mouthwatering and delicious menu options. Our Banquet Manager can also assist you in choosing best menu plan that fits your budget needs.  The conversations can always be made through our numbers +91 422 4555999 and +91 8508664444 and a free consultation shall be given.

As one amongst the most reputed hotels in Coimbatore, you may lose your chance to book a slot for your special day. So, hurry up and if any booking has to be made it is well adviced to book before-hand. For the best banquet halls in Coimbatore, to make your wedding extremely joyous and create the best memory of your lives, we welcome you to Kiscol Grands.