Book your stay at the best luxury hotels in Coimbatore

There are several luxury hotels in Coimbatore that offer various services at varying prices. Some people like to travel for the beautiful scenery in Coimbatore. Others like to taste the authentic flavors and experience the cuisines owing to their foodie cravings! Some others go for business trips and others for long-overdue parties with friends. No matter what the cause of your visit is, there is sure to be a hotel for all your customized needs! Read on to know how to choose the best one for you and which services to look out for!

Cost-effective services

Not all quality services need to be expensive. There are quite a few hotels that offer a wide range of comfort and luxury services without compromising on your ideal budget. Be sure to look for various options and compare hotels with varying star ratings to get the best one. If you prefer comfort services, opt for laundry and ironing, a 24-hour cafe, a television in the room, and room service.

If you prefer luxury and want to be pampered, look for swimming pools, weekend buffet lunches, pet-friendly services, spas, in-house bars, and so on! Never compromise on your preferences and always pick a place based on past reviews. Never go in blind without speaking to people who have already stayed at the hotel. A hotel can promise several services, but it all comes down to how comfortable the guests were during their stay!

Banquet halls and board rooms

If you are traveling for a business trip, it makes sense to check the banquet halls and board rooms available before reaching the venue. Does the banquet hall have enough room to accommodate all your guests? Does the board room have a projector to display your presentation? Are there proper caterers to handle the food and beverage requirements? Be sure to check with the hotel once and share your preferences for your event. The more details you specify, the better your overall experience will be.

Tourism services

As we mentioned, some people like to travel for tourism alone. Coimbatore is a beautiful city with remarkable sights and scenes. It makes complete sense if travel is a part of your itinerary and you wish to explore the city and its cuisines. The first step is to plan your agenda and pick a place close to those spots. Or you can choose a hotel in the heart of the city so that you can commute all over the city at a nominal price and travel time.

If the hotel offers a travel desk and transport services, go for it wholeheartedly! It is rare to find luxury hotels in Coimbatore that have a travel desk that guides you to plan your itinerary and even arrange for your commute to those places. You can save a lot of time and money while making the most of your trip. With a guide who knows what the city has to offer and the cheapest ways to get your money’s worth, you can explore the most intricate parts of Kovai and get to know a lot about the city’s history.


Location plays a key role when picking your hotel, as it will help you cut a lot of time and costs. If the place is close to the airport or railway station, then you can reduce a lot of time traveling further after your trip. If it is located at a central location and many tourist spots can be accessed easily, you have a bonus! If the place is close to a shopping street or mall, you can quickly drop by for any last-minute purchases, to purchase any souvenirs for you or your loved ones, or even purchase supplies you ran out of or forgot to pack. In any case, it is a good idea to check the location of the hotel after planning your agenda to get your money’s worth!

Staff service and hospitality

It is the hospitality of a hotel that sets it apart from the crowd. You will always remember how eager the staff was to serve you and how much they went out of their way to ensure you are having a good stay. You will remember the people who went the extra mile to keep you comfortable without expecting a tip. The waiter who remembered you are vegan while preparing your dinner, the concierge who took your bags up to the room, the cheerful bellboy who held the door open for you – these are the people who define a hotel and they are what make the stay memorable! Look for a hotel with eager and enthusiastic staff – not just good ambiance and multi-cuisine food.

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