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Breakfast, 24 hrs wifi.

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Breakfast, 24 hrs wifi.

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Breakfast, 24 hrs wifi, 2 way airport transfers, Fruit Basket on Arrival.

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Breakfast, Dinner or Lunch 24 hrs wifi, 2 way airport transfers, Fruit Basket & Cookie platter on arrival. Automated Massage Chair.

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Kiscol Grands - Best conference halls,banquet hallsparty halls, seminar halls, meeting halls in Coimbatore. We are one of the most emerging bouquet of four star luxury hotels in Coimbatore, offering the top notch and unparalleled hospitality at chic and contemporary styled hotels in the most desirable locations in Coimbatore.


Our rooms are designed to offer the perfect blend of comfort.


Elegant banquet facility suitable for any occasion.


We will take care of everything for you.


24 Hours check in and check out.

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Three Star Hotels in Coimbatore - A world famous cotton merchant land filled with rich culture.

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It isn’t every day that you plan an elaborate trip to Kovai - be it a quick solo trip to enjoy the weekend, pilgrimage with family, or long-overdue friends outing. So, it makes sense that when you do plan your trip, you will expect everything to be perfect and make your stay memorable.With so many star hotels in the market and such a wide array of services they offer, how do you choose good hotels in Coimbatore? Read on to know-how!...

Great hospitality and ambiance

Long after your trip is done, the one aspect of a hotel you will remember is the ambiance and hospitality the staff served you. Did the waiter remember your order preferences while bringing you your food? Did the travel desk clerk help plan an itinerary based on your requirements? Did the concierge hold the door open for you and take your luggage up to your room without expecting a tip? Keep these in mind while booking a hotel so that your experience is excellent.

Good multi-cuisine food

If you are a foodie or simply wish to know more about Kovai’s authentic cuisines, be sure to find a quality multi-cuisine restaurant with the hotel. Many luxury hotels in Coimbatore will have quality food from around the globe to satiate your cravings. Planning to go on your trip with a big group of people? A good variety of food will ensure there is something for everyone to enjoy! So, if food is your priority, be sure to choose a restaurant with a good buffet, 24-hour cafe, in-room dining, all-inclusive bar, and so on.

Prime location and variety of cost-effective services

Location always plays a key role while picking a hotel. Who would want to spend an hour in a stuffy cab after an hour on a flight? So, pick a hotel located near the airport, railway station, or any other means of commute for you. Furthermore, if the hotel is on a shopping street or near a mall, you can quickly drop by for last-minute purchases or to buy gifts and souvenirs.

On the whole, a hotel with a good variety of services that are within your budget would be ideal to accentuate the quality of your experience. Looking for a swimming pool to chill with your friends? Or a television in the room with good in-room dining to enjoy with your children? Want a quality check-in and travel desk for your family pilgrimage? Ensure that the star hotel you pick offers all these services.

Why Kiscol Grands?

Kiscol Grands is the ideal blend of luxury and comfort - all within your budget! Be it a quality dining experience, good travel around Kovai, or simply a chill weekend indoors - we are one of the ideal luxury hotels in Coimbatore for all your needs! Head over to our website to browse through our services and packages, or give our reception a call to book your stay!


Hotline : +91 422 4555999.

Mob: +91 8508664444.

+91 9965544463


# 245A, Dr Rajendra Prasad Road
Tatabad, Gandipuram, Coimbatore,
Tamil Nadu 641012.




FAQ - All you need to know about luxury hotels in Coimbatore

What hotel is closest to Coimbatore Airport?

It will be convenient for you if your hotel is close to Coimbatore International Airport. Hotel Kiscol Grands is one of the best luxury hotels near Coimbatore Airport.

Are luxury hotels expensive?

Just because a hotel offers exquisite services, does not mean it has to be expensive. There are many luxury hotels in Coimbatore that offer a variety of services at extremely affordable rates.

What facilities do luxury hotels offer?

Most luxury hotels like Hotel Kiscol Grands offer a variety of services such as spas, swimming pools, buffet facilities, laundry services, etc.

What's the best luxury hotel to stay in Coimbatore?

Hotel Kiscol Grands is one of the best luxury hotels in Coimbatore for your stay owing to its blend of affordability and luxury.

How many luxury hotels will I be able to find in Coimbatore?

There are several luxury hotels in Coimbatore but not all of them live up to the standards they set. Be on the lookout for top quality star hotels like Kiscol Grands.

What is the best pet-friendly hotel in Coimbatore?

Kiscol Grands is one of the best pet-friendly hotels in Coimbatore that offers facilities to pamper your pet while enjoying your comfortable stay. All the amenities are at affordable prices for the best experience.

What are the best cheap hotels in Coimbatore?

There are many star hotels priced affordably at Coimbatore. For a nominal rate, you can avail a variety of basic and luxury services to make your stay a comfortable one. One of the Best cheap hotels in Coimbatore is Hotel Kiscol Grands.

Which hotels in Coimbatore are good for families?

Family-friendly hotels are ideal for a weekend getaway with your family or for a religious tour. Hotels like Kiscol Grands offer the best amenities to make you and your family feel like at home.

Which luxury hotels in Coimbatore have nice views?

If you are visiting Coimbatore to enjoy the beautiful scenery and tourist spots, visit a hotel like Kiscol Grands which is set at the heart of the city. Use the hotel's tour and transport facilities to navigate your way through Coimbatore and enjoy the views.

How much does a luxury hotel in Coimbatore cost?

Not all luxury hotels are expensive. You can find affordable hotels like Kiscol Grands with exquisite services and nominally priced packages.

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