Where can we find clean, well sanitized and safe hotels in Coimbatore amidst this Coronavirus situation?

Now that many Hotels in Coimbatore prioritize the health, safety, and security of the guests, team members, and business partners. But there are only a few who follow strict guidelines to ensure security. COVID-19 has changed the way we live, and we are changing our daily operations to fit inside the new normal. In response to this, hotels with a team of experts who have reviewed the existing health and safety processes and develop a new safety protocol. This in-depth sanitation and disinfection protocol were created in some of the hotels, in partnership with the government to ensure your security and peace of mind from check-in to check-out. In observation by many experts in hygiene and sanitisation, hotel Kiscol grands in Coimbatore has one of the best in class safety and hygiene scores.

Safety Protocols that have been followed

Face Covers and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

  • To help protect the health, protection and safety of our guests, team members, and visitors, we need the use of face covers in indoor common spaces in our hotel, pending local laws and guidelines. For those children below the age of two or anyone who has difficulty breathing, is unconscious, disabled, or otherwise inadequate to remove the mask externally assistance, face protection are not mandated.
  • The team members are mandated to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and with sanitisation.

Rapid COVID-19 testing for attendees who have higher temperatures.

To give ease and confidence to respond to face-to-face meetings and displays, we have originated onsite, rapid COVID-19 antigen testing for attendees. To provide this service, we engage with leading healthcare providers to make the option available in Coimbatore.

Mandatory protocols that are followed in Kiscol Grands

  • ✓ Please note that the use of protection is mandatory in the hotel’s common areas.
  • ✓ The temperature is taken at all guests and staff entrances. In the case of a fever, for the protection of all, guests will not be allowed to stay in the Rooms.
  • ✓ Room keys are sanitised daily.
  • ✓ The number of sanitation in the common spaces has increased.
  • ✓ Cleaning of rooms with guests inside is not allowed.
  • ✓ The covers of the rooms are cleaned with particular disinfectants.
  • ✓ The room freshening is maximized.
  • ✓ Breakfast that is served in the hotel and is prepared according to hygienic protocol.
  • ✓ All guests are provided with sanitisation gel in the common areas and rooms.
  • ✓ Methacrylate hindrances have been installed in the reception.
  • ✓ All guests and staff are required to uphold the minimum safety distance, marked at 2 meters.

With all safety precautions are followed in a disciplined and organized way, we can clearly say that hotel Kiscol Grands in Coimbatore is one of the safest hotels in Coimbatore to stay in an emergency situation.