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Top 10 places to visit in Coimbatore

Planning a trip to Coimbatore with your gang? Or are you more of a ‘quiet trip with family’ type? Whatever be the occasion, Coimbatore is indubitably one of the most beautiful places you can visit for a mental detox. With her lush greenery and intoxicating natural scents, Coimbatore is indeed the heart of South India! If you are wondering which places to visit and which star hotels in Coimbatore to stay in while you are here, read on for a comprehensive list.

  1. Adiyogi Shiva Statue

If a trip to Coimbatore translates to one of soul searching and spirituality, the Shiva statue at Adiyogi is the ideal spot for you. Even if you just want a moment of peace with fresh air, visit this stunning spot! At the foothills of the Velliangiri Mountains, this Shiva statue is the biggest bust statue in the world! Carved out of 500 tonnes of steel and at a height of 112 feet, it is located in the Isha Yoga Center.

  1. Isha Yoga Center

How can you visit the Shiva statue and not stop by Isha Yoga? This Ashram is a non-profit center and what’s more, it is non-religious! Scores of people from all over the globe visit this center every year to seek blessings and practice yoga. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev was the founder of this Ashram and yoga center.

  1. Kodiveri Dam

The Bhavani River near Gobichettipalayam houses this dam and is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Coimbatore. It is a scenic spot with greenery everywhere you look and is the ideal tourist spot for family outings. Not only is this a major tourist spot in Coimbatore, but it is also an irrigation facility for over 25,000 hectares of land around it.

  1. Vydehi Falls

Situated 35km away from the heart of the city, this is a place people who visit Coimbatore cannot miss. Many star hotels in Coimbatore offer transport facilities to help you navigate to these spots. Tourists make it a point to visit the Vydehi Falls and honestly, keeping in mind its splendour and purity, why isn’t it on your schedule yet?

  1. Brookefields Mall

To all your shopaholics out there, Coimbatore is the ideal city to splurge on long-lasting products without spending too much. Out of the various malls and shopping streets in the city, Brookefields Mall is the top attraction locals and tourists visit for shopping in Coimbatore.

  1. Marudhamalai Hill Temple

At a towering height of 500ft and 15kms away from North-West Coimbatore, the Marudhamalai Temple offers an enriching experience to tourists. You can hire a car or bike from any star hotels in Coimbatore you are staying at and drive to this temple.

  1. Siruvani Waterfalls

The Siruvani falls is one of the main water sources for places in and around Coimbatore. Also called Kovai Kutralam, this waterfall has an invigorating atmosphere that will instantly refresh your tired body and mind. Located in the scenic backdrop of Siruvani, this waterfall is 37kms away from Coimbatore and many tourists visit it to drink its cool water.

  1. Nehru Park

We recommend you to have one day of your trip entirely free and just spend the day touring through this lovely park. It is one of the most popular parks in Coimbatore and the sights, sounds and scenes are the ideal detox after a week of toil. With a massive Jawaharlal Nehru statue in the middle, this park is one of the most well-maintained gardens in Coimbatore. Take your children for a swing, go on a stroll, jog, meditate or practice yoga – this park has spaces for everything!

  1. Kovai Kondattam

While most tourists visit Black Thunder when they arrive at Coimbatore, Kovai Kondattam is honestly the more superior amusement park! About 2kms away from Perur, it is perfect for people of all ages to have a fun time. This theme park is eco-friendly and houses a wide range of birds and animals throughout its premises. Built by actor Vijay, it hosts a variety of water-based rides among other rides.

  1. Monkey Falls

Another exemplary waterfall situated about 27kms away from Pollachi, this spot is the perfect outdoor coffee break spot. Want to simply hang out with friends and have a cup of coffee over gossip? This spot situated about 65kms from Coimbatore is the place for you!

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